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    I am new to this hobby and have a rather silly question. I am currently cycling my 55 gal tank and have 5 Giant Malabar Danios, which I have heard are very hardy and good for cycling. I noticed that one of the Danios was staying away from the group and not doing much. At first I thought he might be sick. I started to look more closely at him and noticed his color was different from the others, and maybe his fins were a little different. Being new to all of this I don't have the trained eye that you guys do.

    Here are the pictures of one of the Danios and my "mystery fish". Is it a Giant Malabar Danio? Is it sick? What should I do?

    Sorry about the picture for fish2 but he is kind of scared and is a little hard to photograph.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Nevermind, its dead :'(
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    Sorry for your fish loss.