Are These Rocks/stones Safe?

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    Hello everyone,
    So I convinced my wife to let me get another tank. She agreed, as long as she can choose the Tank and type of fish. She wanted something that's not in the way, so we chose a 36Gal Corner Bowfront. She also fell in love with with African Cichlids. So I began my research about them, and about Rockscaping, and found a guy on YouTube that said he uses Rocks from his nearby Pond.
    Question is, is that safe? I will have a Sand Substrate. I also have a little pond nearby that has these Rocks/Stones, and there are tons of them. Can I use these to Rockscape and create tunnels and caves, granted that I'll thoroughly clean them?

  2. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I would boil them for sure :) Those are very smooth and will have a tendancy to slide around on eachother. I would suggest some sort of buffer between them and your glass (like eggcrate, or what I am dinking around with, plastic mat stuff from the craft store) because (at least if you get mbuna) they WILL move your sand around, and if they are anything like mine will dig out all of the sand down to the glass in one area and move it somewhere else. Dont want them to collapse and either smoosh a fish or crack the glass so just be aware of that :)

    Edit: If you are not familiar with Africans read up some before you get going, they are amazing, you will love them. They should all be introduced together if at all possible so make sure you have a nice, cycled and ready filter to handle the load.
  3. Gabrielle BKValued MemberMember

    I would agree with you. My tank currently has some sticks and rocks from a river near my house which I just boiled for 15 minutes. I also have another tank that has some sea-shells that were also boiled, and so far my tanks are doing great! I think they're really nice rocks and should definitely use some!
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    Awesome! Thanks to you both! I will for sure get at least a small backpack full, and boil them. Yes, they are pretty smooth. Do you happen to have a photo of the type of Mat you're talking about, Bizarro? Sounds interesting and I'll pick that up also this Weekend.

    We are picking up the Tank this Saturday, so I'll be doing plenty of Research about them while the Tank is cycling. I'm actually sitting at work right now and watching some info on YouTube.
  5. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    I have those type of rocks in one of my tanks and I havent had any problems. I would be more worried about pH swings than about introducing something unwanted.
    Just to be sure the rocks wont mess with your pH you can do the following:
  6. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I will link you to my post so you can also see my suggestions now that I have tried it :p

    Question - Eggcrate Or Something Like It Under Sand To Protect Bottom Glass From Rock Collapse/movement?
  7. gilques85New MemberMember

    Thanks for that Video! Very informative!

    Wow! The end result looked amazing! That post also answered another question I had about painting the background. So yeah, I'll do your method and look for the mats with tad bit bigger holes. I'm so excited already lol!
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    VERY happy with the black background! I did it with plastidip so I can peel it off later if I didnt like it, might still be a good idea since its non permanent but I will probably paint all my tanks form here forward... except maybe not black for discus or other fish that can dull their colors to try to blend into things :p

    I also swapped to pool filter sand - and very happy with it if you are considering sand and dont want to shell out 100 bucks for it.

    Pic after it was done attached for more motivation of your excitement haha! I am by no means an expert but feel free to toss any Cichlid questions my way :)

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  9. gilques85New MemberMember

    WOOOW! Now that looks Beautiful!!!!
    Is the wavemaker a necessity for Cichlids? If so, I'm assuming there's a flow controller on it. How high does it need to be?
  10. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I have it 100% for poop control lol. I have it on a timer so it is only on when the lights are on but its goal is to shove waste down the tank towards the intake, and just make sure there are no dead spots. Is it needed? I doubt it :)