Are These Led Lights A Waste Of Money? Question

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by TerminalMTS, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Hi all, long time lurker but finally got these 2 tanks set up and have a question about the lighting. I am a student on a budget and was trying to save as many pennies as possible.

    20G: Imgur
    10G: Imgur

    On the 20 gallon, I am running 2 23W CFL's and 1 16W Feit electric LED plant grow light, and the 10G is one CFL and 1 9 watt LED.
    My question is if the LED's are a waste of money and should I return them for more CFLs?

    The specs on the 16W (~$20):

    PAR 20

    PAR efficacy 1.25
    Luminous Flux 900
    mm range 400-499 3.8
    500-599 5.1
    600-700 11.1

    The 9W bulb (~$14):

    PAR 14.2

    PAR efficacy 1.55
    Luminous Flux 680
    mm range 400-499 2.5~
    500-599 3.86~
    600-700 7.03~
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    I think generally a grow light LED is obviously better than regular CFL, because grow lights are designed to provide the needed spectrum for plants, while CFLs only have spikes of some of the colors in spectrum.
    BUT, if you don't wanna spend a lot of money, and you're planning to only have low light plants, maybe CFLs could work?
    I really hope someone with more experience comes and answers your question! But in the meantime, you can read this cool article I've found that explains a lot:
    Can You Use Regular Light Bulbs As Grow Lights?
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    CF886C61-4E04-4DF3-92D1-F86C08543FF9.jpeg The lights on the 15gal and 5 gal cost about $10 each on eBay. As you can see they grow plants. They are the ones with white green red and blue leds.
    Not sure how well either of the lamps your showing will work for aquarium lighting.
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    Do you know what kind of plants you want to grow? As mentioned, many low light plants can grow under any light, even a desk lamp or cheap clip-on bulb.