Are These Eggs? Question

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    Possible Snail Eggs.JPG I have a 20 gal aquarium with 3 Siamese Algae Eaters, 7 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 Rubber Nose Plecostomus and 3 Zebra Snails. In the picture, you will see several white spots on a piece of drift wood. They look like eggs. They cannot be Rasbora eggs because the spots were present before the Rasboras were introduced to the aquarium. I thought the spots could be Zebra Snail eggs. However, the spots have been present for several months now, and I do not see any baby snails in the tank. What could these white spots be?
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    They arent hatching because nerite snail eggs will only hatch in brackish or saltwater.
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    Thanks for your replies. Knowing that they require saltwater to hatch, I am considering setting up a 10 gal saltwater tank to hatch them.
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    The eggs can't really be removed very easily. So in order to do that you would want to transition your current nerites from freshwater back to brackish or salt so the eggs get laid in saltwater. I have no idea what process is used for doing that. Or if it is even possible. I would assume it would have to be a gradual transition?

    Maybe start a thread in the saltwater section and see if anyone here has bred nerites before. And if they know how to transition them from freshwater to saltwater.
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    You're probably better off scraping them off with a razor blade or credit card ;)