are these bubbles bad?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by kineticcomfort, Mar 27, 2010.

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    this is my first time doing a tank and it was originally a 10 gal with three goldfish in it, I purchased a blue crayfish and decided to go to more aggresive cichlids and a bigger tank, the old one had not been cleaned in some time. over a year. so on the 12th of this month i purchased a 29 gal tank w whisper 30 filter100w ul listed aquarium heater. I dint know anything about the nitrogen cycle so I assumed everything needed to be sterilized. everything was soaked in extremely hot water. got 2 cichlids and gave gold fish to store. this was day and a half after tank put together. fish did well added 2 blood parrots and a crab. first crab kept on climbing out and sitting on heater, looked up and said they like to get out of water. he was up there for three days, got worried and pushed him in water to see if alive, could barely hang on to plants and did not seem to be doin well, then cray molted again within one month, lost one claw, other claw grew abnormally big and he was having a hard time gettin around. died after 2 days. he was the first one, at some point got another 2 cichlids, one of the four was being super agressive and noticed fins messed up so took him to pet store will there had water tested. amonia super high. was told about nitrogen cycle, day before cray died I vacumed 1/4 water and ran filter in real hot water makin cycle worse prolly killin him. phosphates slightly high as well so got phosphate filter media and mesh bag to put in filter. was told to do nothing and let cycle for 2 weeks and come back for testing. changed out one gallon water from 55 gallon tank with cichlids running since last oct to add some bacteria and help cycle move along faster. another one the the cichlids became very aggressive and was beating up on smaller guy when then started swiming funny. got old 10 gal goin with water from 55 gal friends tank and put aggressive dude in there yesterday, now beat up fish doin really well. all this since beginin of month. have had a ton of bubbles stayin on surface of tank. is this normal/ok? I have air difuser piece on bottom of tank where water comes out of filter to push bubbles back down. they have been there for a most of the time since changed tank. run a little salt for crabs keep water @80-82 degree in tank 2 blood parrots 2 cichlids 2 fiddler crabs. will provide pics.

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    Hello & Welcome to fishlore!

    Usually bubbles covering the surface means lack of water changes, basically bad water quality & overfeeding can be a cause.

    Do you have your own test kit? I reccommend getting your own, the API (liquid) Master Test Kit is the most popular.

    If you have high phosphate reading you will know due to algae growth and green water. It comes from uneatten food, fish waste due to lack of water changes & gravel vacs to pickup debris. Even lack of filter maint. such as letting your filter media get too gunked up with food etc. Just swishing your filter media out in a bucket of tank water when needed is all you need to do. Never replace filter media without letting the new filter media seed before throwing out the old for at least 2 weeks. The best way to control phosphate is water changes & not overfeed.

    Nitrifying bacteria dose not free float in the water it attaches itself to surfaces. Mainly lives on your filter media due to that is where the most water movement is and lots of oxygen. Also lives on the surface of the gravel, plants & decor.

    Sounds as though you have fish that are not compatible & need a bigger tank. IMO

    What type of cichlids do you have with the blood parrots? Blood Parrots should not be kept with aggressive fish.
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    Hey! I have that sunken ship, that EXACT same ship :jawdrop: Nice! haha
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    I have 2 types in with them I do not know what they are, I did have a third who was bigger but beaten up my fav dude so he is in a ten gal by himself for now. one is long skinny with almost a round body black horizontal stripes and the rest of em is blue, he has not been growin much and have not really seen him eat. he likes to hang around the other fish if they dont chase him and he is pretty quick so wasnt gettin picked on by the other guys in the tank, then a yellowish red dude with a semi translucent body and bright red eyes, has some cool yellow spots on analfin i think its called, he has a slight rainbow coloration as well. then a yellow dude is in the ten gal by himself he has a body inbetween the two, kinda tiger striped by a darker yellow and a bit bigger mouth in comparison. btw my white blood parrot w green coloration at top of his body is turning orangish. is this something to worry about? then i have 2 fiddler crabs i believe in with the 2 blood parrots and 2 cichlids they are in 29 gal tank. I was over feeding so that may be the cause of the bubbles what can i do about this? how long will it take to go away? their food has been cut back to about a third of what it was.
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    i think that means protein in the water
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    Do a 50% water change and see if that helps.

    Don't forget to vaccuum under the decorations as food & waste get trapped underneath them.

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