10 Gallon Tank Are these baby mystery snails?


Hello, I just started noticing tiny things in my tank. Wasn't sure what it was but I check for a clutch every day and have yet to find any. But when I turned the light on I see what looks like tiny snails?! So I grab my phone to zoom in for a closer look and snap a photo...I thought maybe they were mystery snail eggs until I look again and their gone, so I begin to look around the tank and find one crawling along the bottom... then another, and a couple more... are these baby mystery snails? And if so how? I'm wondering where a clutch could have been hidden because it would have to be above water level right? I'm so confused I feel like one of those women who didn't know they were pregnant till they gave birth... unprepared and suprised...


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Those look to be bladder snails. That's why they are in other tanks. Must have come in on plants. :)


The mystery snails would have had an agg sack above the water


Those look to be bladder snails. That's why they are in other tanks. Must have come in on plants. :)
Thank you. You are correct. They hitched a ride on a plant I bought from petco. I should have known better then to buy it from there. Now they are all over. I'm going to buy 1 or 2 assassin snails to take care of this problem but im wondering if they will harm my mystery snails or my nerite snails? I read they go after snails that are smaller but idk if I should chance it so I just might set up my 20gallon tank with all brand new decor so I don't chance a hitchhiker again... they are attached to everything, even my mystery snails!


Don't feed too much and they will level out.


MysteryMomma and StarGirl, thank you for your posts as I have the same questions. I do have a mystery snail egg sack (I got to watch her do it!), and have not added anything to my tank in over 6 months except my heater that I used last winter. I have many sizes of snails from pinhead to a new pea. Can snail eggs live nearly a year out of the water? or over 6 months in the water?

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