Are There Rams Ok With These Fish?

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    kymmy1 New Member Member

    Hi there,

    I posted a different question on here and someone said that my fish will not work together- one due to temperature difference.

    I'm hoping to get-

    17+ Threadfin Rainbows
    5 Ottos
    5 Khuli Loaches
    At least 1 Bolivian Ram (maybe 2)
    At least 1 German Ram (maybe 2)

    Apparently Bolivian Rams need cooler temperatures than the German Rams.

    Would it be ok to use two of the same sex in the Rams to reduce aggression?

    Tank will be about 200L. Also would tetras be snippy towards my threadfins?

    P.S I live in Australia so would be helpful to use our temperature as I don't get the American one hahaha.

    Any helpful information welcome
  2. NavigatorBlack

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    German rams are cultivated Venezuelan rams - and their waters get up above 30c. Their standard range is 27-30. Altispinosum, Bolivians (which can be Brazilian) have a 22-26 range.
    Plus as very close relatives, they have the same territory needs, and will compete. Bolivians are way bigger, so guess who will win?
    Same sex just leads to competition differently. If you get 2 males, it's worse than a pair. One may kill the other.

    There are many many tetra species. Some nip, some don't. Since your threadfins are Australian, why not look around for some Australian blue eyes? Pseudomugil gertrudae is small and gets along really well with threadfins. The English names of fish can be different in different countries, so I have to use the latin. You can look them up with a cut and paste into google images.

    I'm always using google to use fahrenheit here. I don't think anyone but the US still uses it. It is a pain.