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Discussion in 'Neon Tetra' started by Goldiemom, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. JoeCamaro

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    In my experience the hardest part is getting Neons that do not have the Neon Tetra Disease (NTD).
    As mentioned, stock is not great.
    If they make it and get used to the tank, they are easy.
    I lost two schools of Neons before, only 2 of the second school survived. I got 10 more and they were healthy so they are doing great.
    They even survived a recent rescape I did in which I tore my aquarium down and had to put all my fish in a temporary 20 gal. They are back in the 46g and doing good.
  2. OP

    GoldiemomWell Known MemberMember

    Yep, I am purchasing 4 more thinking I will end up with a total of 6. If they all make it, then great. Keep me posted on how they do. One tip, mine don't seem to be able to eat even the small pellets so I highly recommend using flakes.

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  3. Mary765

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    UK stock is probably different though.. this one chain store in the UK called Maidenhead Aquatics is very reputable and healthy and rarely ever do i see a sick fish, invert or other in its stores. What's more, some of the stores only employ those with long-term experience and knowledge, such as one of the stores 1/2 hour away from me :)

    Hopefully if they have healthy fish then they will have healthy neons right? I will still be super careful as I don't want any casualties but i mean we may be good to go..
  4. Redshark1

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    My Neon Tetras will eat Hikari Micro-pellets readily.

    Maidenhead is the only place I've purchased healthy Neons from. I did spot one dying of Columnaris in the store once and the lady fished it out pronto.

    Before purchasing I would ask if they have pulled any dead or dying Neons out of the tank (and hope for the truth in their eyes!). There are stories from LFS staff of them taking out 50 dead fish before opening the store. My local store says shipments are either fine or they lose them all.

    Disease is a big problem but I would say Neons (and Cardinals) are worth the hassle.
  5. Mary765

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    Yes, after far too much research and preparations and waiting I'm just going to go for it and if it fails it fails! (Just as soon as I figure out if Raspberry is sick though..)