Are Neon Tetras Easy?

  1. Goldiemom Member Member

    Are neon tetra’s easy to raise? What about in a 10G tank with no other fish? How many? Never raised tropical fish before. I was going to get a Betta but hubby likes the tetrras and puts up with my 2 tanks of Goldie’s.
  2. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    I wouldn't do neon tetra in a 10g but you can do green neon tetra!

  3. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    For neons that's a tough answer. If properly bred they are quite hardy unfochanatly due the mass breeding of them they are not so hardy anymore. For a 10 tetras like green neons and embers are more appropriate and still on the hardier side.
  4. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Neon tetras are easy to raise but require a bit of patience when acclimating to a new tank as they can be sensitive to water parameters. They also do better in bigger schools of at least 6 or so. With that being said, they need more space than a 10 gallon can provide. A 20 gallon would be minimal.
    Also to note, Neons and Goldfish have very different temperature requirements being that neons are tropical fish and goldies are cold water fish so they do not do well in the same tank. I wasn't sure if you were saying they were or not.

  5. cadd Well Known Member Member

    10g is doable. I've had 20 neons/glowlight tetras in a 10g QT tank for a month. But 20 long tank is better obviously.

    Neons are NOT easy to keep. I say this because the stock is bad where I am. I lose about 40% each time in QT.

    Currently, I have 18 of them in my 55g tank. Once they survive the QT period, they're relatively easy to keep. But finding good stock is pretty difficult (at least that's the experience I've had).

    To give you an idea, the water in my town is high pH (8.0) and hard (7kH, 14gH & 388TDS).

    If interested, here's what 18 neons look like in a 55g:

  6. Goldiemom Member Member

    No, not in the same tanks! I have an extra 20G

    Thanks for sharing. Beautiful tank by the way.
  7. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    If a 20 is an option I would look at cardinal tetras they look similar, are only slightly bigger but the stock is much better.

  8. Goldiemom Member Member

    Well, shoot. I am disappointed but wanted to know. I don’t think I would be interested in the green or the ember. I should have asked before starting to cycle the tank again. Thanks though.
  9. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    The green neons or false neons look remarkably close to regular neons just a little smaller.
  10. Lynn78too Well Known Member Member

    I've seen different things on how large of a tank, but what about flame tetras? I think they're cute, they're not as active as neons though.
  11. Goldiemom Member Member

    I like those! Thanks so much!
  12. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Nothing wrong with 6-8 Neons in a 10. Green/False Neons are invariably wild caught, and are very sensitive as to pH and hardness. They will not last long if not given proper water chemistry.
  13. Goldiemom Member Member

    Thanks Chromedome52. I am confused because everything I read says just what you are saying. Even older posts on here say it’s ok. I researched before cycling my tank again and it looked like 10 was fine until I posted on Fishlore. We seem to be a little more conservative on here which is good for the health of our fish.
  14. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    If you acclimatised them properly for an hour or more then they are ok :)
  15. Goldiemom Member Member

    Yes, I always do a slow acclimation by adding water to bag over an hour’s time while bag is floating and then remove the fish from the bag to the tank. Thanks so much!
  16. Goldiemom Member Member

    Ok, Gang. I got some yays and nays on putting neon tetras in a 10g tank. I decided to go with the yays and try 6 neon tetras in my 10g tank. So far, so good but the tank still looks so empty with just the 6 Neons in there. Is there anything else that I can add?I put a couple of plants in but it still looks empty.
  17. Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    You can add another two green neons and some livebearers (2-3 guppies of the same gender, 3-4 endlers of the same gender)

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