Question Are Myriophyllum And Snails From A Local Canal Safe To Add?


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HI everyone,

I pulled out some weed from my local canal in London, UK - I understand it's probably not the cleanest ecosystem!

The weed appears to be myriophyllum and there are a few small snails.

It's all resting in a jug of water and there are a ton of bugs in there - tiny white specks which I guess are weevils, also some flailing worm like creatures that look like miniscule tadpoles/worms/fish.

I will wash the weed before I put it in the tank as I'm not comfortable with the unidentified bugs. But if a few were to survive and make it into the tank, I feel I should check they aren't dangerous to my fish.

Is the weed safe to add into my freshwater tank (with 2 platys)?

Are the snails "safe" to add to the aquarium?

Is there anything I need to do to make it safe? What sort of water should I "wash away" the bugs with?

Thanks for your help!


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I’m going to guess that the platies will probably eat the bugs and worms that you are worried about but I’m not too sure so get a second opinion. I have heard you could dip the plants in a 5% bleach solution to kill snail eggs so I would assume it would take out whatever else you don’t want on the plants. I’m still a beginner so take my advice with a grain of salt lol.

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