Are my Rummy Nose Ok?


So just a quick question... do the white marks on my Rummys look like bite marks or ich?

I do have two Rummys "missing"... they may have gotten eaten, i really dont know.

I have two Blue Gouramis in my tank, i thought my rummy nose would be fine but i guess not. So i just want to know if I should pull these two for being sick or pull all my tetras so they don't get eaten?


Look into fungus on freshwater fish.

If it were me, I would clean the substrate, do water changes more often (once every two days at 10-25%), and check the filtration to make sure the water quality is as good as possible. As you might know, rummy-nosed are very sensitive to water quality.

I see you originally posted in June 2020, how did it turn out for you?

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