55 Gallon Tank Are my rosy barbs breeding?

Okay so I have 6 Rosy's in my tank. I am pretty sure that the "really red" ones are the males as I have 2, and the others are females (is this right?).

Either way, they are constantly harassing my females today. I've had them for a little bit now, and for a while they were not like this. Today they were going NUTS. The one male kept swimming into the bubbles and being blown up the side and swimming out of them, and just swimming like someone giving a toddler tons of chocolate and watching him go nuts.

It's crazy how insane those males are going. And it's not just the one, it's all of them!

So I'm curious if they are trying to breed? or what is going on?

Thanks a lot!
Hello DarkRider. I would like to suggest that anytime things don't seem to be exactly right with your fish and tank, to check your water chemistry (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate) first. It is a possibility your fish are displaying a mating behavior but I'm not certain. Let's see what responses you receive.
Best of luck!
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Just did a test:

Ammonia: 0 PPM
Nitrate: between 5 and 10 PPM
PH: between 7.8 and 8.0 (very close to 7.8)
Nitrite: 0 PPM
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