Are my readings too far off to start adding fish to the tank?

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Nitrate 20
Nitrite 0
Total Hardness 120
Alkalinity 80
PH 6.4

These are the readings that I got today on a new tank that I am setting up. The water was a little cloudy, so I changed the filter/media to the water polisher to clear it up. The water has cleared up and I will be putting the filter/carbon media back in. If these readings are off, what do I need to do to get them back in line

Magnum 350 Pro
Magnum 350

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I will have to get an ammonia test kit.....I knew that I forgot something :-\

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My ammonia levels are too hI > 2.0 ppm

I got to get this under control in the next couple of days

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I have been doing 40-50% water changes for the last two days, but the levels do not drop below 1.0ppm......what do I need to do or what am I doing wrong?


Sounds to me like your tank is not yet fully cycled. Keep up with the water changes and give it some time. Unfortunately, cycling a tank can take a few weeks. If you see that your wtare is a bit cloudy, it could be a sign that good bacteria is starting to form. That will help bring down the ammonia levels. Just keep up with the water changes, check your levels and be patient. best of Luck

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