Are My Other Guppies At Risk?(pictures)

  1. Lillian

    Lillian New Member Member

    Yesterday evening, I was out grocery shopping and visiting my mom for maybe 3 or 4 hours and I came home and one of my guppies eyes looked like they were bulging out and had blood around them. guppy1.jpg guppy2.jpg
    He was swimming in circles as well. Maybe an hour after I found him(and separated him in case he was sick) he died. I don't know if he got sick suddenly and there was nothing I could do or if the others tried fighting him since there were red spots on his back? Or maybe he got stuck somewhere(Not sure where he could have gotten stuck at though).

    The other guppies are completely fine from what I can see however. I have 11 guppies now in a 10 gallon tank. I was told when I got them that it was fine since they were little but now I found out it might be over crowded but I don't have any other place to put the little guys. I have a heater, a filter, and the floating thermometer. The water has been treated and such but I may have added them in a bit too early.


    I did a 5-N-1 quick dip test strips and these are the results.
    Nitrate- 80(unsafe)
    Nitrite- .5(caution)
    Total Hardness- 150(hard)
    Total Alkalinity- Test got a little fuzzy so it looks like either 180(ideal) and 300(high)
    pH- also got a little bit fuzzy here so between 7.2(neutral) and 7.8(Alkaline)

    I'm not sure how accurate these strips are because they are from when my brother had his tank up and I can't recall how long ago that was. Possibly up to 1.5-2 years.

    I just really want to know if the others are going to be okay. And with the test result, best way to adjust what needs to be adjusted.
  2. tocandesu

    tocandesu Well Known Member Member

    That looks like Fish Pop-Eye. Usually caused by bad water quality, or injury which ends up creating a bacterial infection.

    I'm not seeing too many things that a guppy can get injured on in that aquarium. So based on your test results, I think it's due to water quality.

    Do a 75% water change, and buy a newer water test kit with an ammonia test. Many members, including me, recommend the API Freshwater Master Kit. That way we can be sure about the water quality.
  3. OP

    Lillian New Member Member

    Do you know if pop eye could have had a hand in the red spots on its back? Maybe he couldn't see and scraped on something somehow?

    It was just really worry some since I have quite literally been fawning over these fish and taking pictures of them. So it startled me with how sudden it was.

    Thank you for replying! I'll definitely get a new testing kit when I go out.
  4. Biev

    Biev Valued Member Member

    Pop-eye is a symptom that something else is wrong with your fish. Most likely, your fish got a bacterial infection due to poor water quality. As @TwilySparklez suggested, getting a liquid test kit for ammonia will allow you to monitor water quality in the future and avoid a repeat.