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  1. João Silva Initiate Member

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    Anyone else wants to give any opinion? Everything is good
  2. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

  3. João Silva Initiate Member

    So I have JBL Furanol Plus and eSHa Exit. Will this work?
  4. João Silva Initiate Member

    So the fishies are ick free... bue now I have a few neons with a fat fat belly.
    They did not eat today. Some ideas?

    He's not breathing fast or anything but he's swimming very slow... 74af035477c44acb5f3448ab07690a8c.jpg d4a23fa21bc71a1863867c7b0db7b3d3.jpg
  5. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    I think it is probably septic maybe from the infection Needs antibiotic in flake form, always flake medication for me
    Antibiotic Fish Flake Food
  6. João Silva Initiate Member

    Today the fishies are ok... Maybe he ate a snail? Is that possible?
  7. corywand Well Known Member Member

    Is this tank cycled yet?
  8. João Silva Initiate Member

    Yes it is
  9. João Silva Initiate Member

    Hi guys. New day nem problem.

    The ich situation is resolved but know one of my female guppy lost almost half of her fin in one day.

    I think there is no signs of fin root. Here is a picture.

    I think it is the only one with problem. I tested the water and it's okay... bd8a47c82cf9adb2f9aa576a315b77d9.jpg 68a802bca8d261a76a3648d301e06110.jpg
  10. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    Something is wrong with your water, badly wrong. Add some coal, and use prime is all i can say.....
  11. João Silva Initiate Member

    Hi there. So my guppy passed away. Can't understand why. Tested the water again and all the levels are OK.

    The neon tetras are really good. One had almost lost his fin, but is growing. So I believe at least the neon tetras are healthy.

    The guppies I can't say if they are ok. The other ones appear to be fine but the one that died also looked fine but it died.

    I added to the filter some addicted carbon like you said.

    So if my neons are ok, I think we can assume the water is also ok right? If something was wrong with the water it would impact all the fishies no?

    Do you know if there is any disease that can affect the guppies but not the neons?
  12. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    Neon Tetra disease can affect both guppies and neons. Certain fish are more prone to certain conditions, that is true. A stressed guppy is just a weak inbred fish and probably should just be disposed of.
  13. João Silva Initiate Member

    So I think another guppy is dying. Another female. I was able to take some good photos so you guys could see. I don't see any marks or signs of disease in her body. I think it appears normal. What do you guys think?

    Maybe is just a bad batch or something?

    Tested the water again and the levels are OK. f12a7b035cefd551e4d2949729a0fe76.jpg b5075e136cdf0b522c743b9f8e8faaad.jpg
  14. Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    You would be better off using some sort of antibiotic flake, such as the ones i reccomended, and continue to use charcol and do partial water changes.