Are My Guppies Getting Sick? 15 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by João Silva, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. J

    João Silva New Member Member

    Hi guys,

    I think my guppies (females) are gaining white dots in the body. I read somewhere that white dots in the body is a normal disease that the fishies might get.

    They are new in the tank. I bought them last Saturday.
    I will post a couple of pictures that I think will show it.

    Can you give me some advise or feedback?
  2. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Y0ur guppies have Ich.

    You can treat it with several fish medications or by setting your heater (if you have one) to 86-88 degrees Fahrenheit. This will cause the Ich to fall off and go dormant, and you remove it from the tank by doing gravel siphoning.

    Do not use heat and medication at the same time. If you use either I suggest putting an airstone in the tank.
  3. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    I have more fishies in the tank including one Otto, 6 neon and 2 corydoras.
    Do you think that temperature will not warm them?

    Can I raise the temperature and also buy some medicine tomorrow and put in the tank? I don’t have the thing to vacuum the bottom...

    Do you think it’s in a early stage or do you think probably some of them will die?

  4. Seasoldier

    Seasoldier Well Known Member Member

    If they look like little grains of salt it's Ich & they probably came in with it from the shop, where did you get them from? Do you have other fish in there already? if so you really should have quarantined the guppies before adding them. It is one of the most common diseases fish can get & is treatable but can be fatal if not treated. Have a look at the link below, it's from this site & will give you some advice & guidance on how to deal with it.

    Ich: An Old Cure for an Old Disease
  5. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    Don't raise the temperature and use medicine at the same time, either raise the heat now and keep using that or wait until you get medicine.

    Ich is easily treated so I don't think you have anything to worry about. As for your other fish, Ich is contagious so I would treat all of your fish. They won't be comfortable but it is for their own safety.

    You will still need to do water changes and vacuum your gravel.
  6. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    It’s my first tank, that’s why I still don’t have another one to quarantee the news ones.

    Ok. So tomorrow I will buy first thing in the morning some medicine. But I will only be able to put the medicine in the tank in the evening.

    I taught that I examine the fishies well in the store, but I’m a newbie so it missed me

    If I vacuum the floor I will also vacuum the corydoras food or not?

    Vacuum de floor, do water changes every day and remove the coal from the filter right?
  7. javis

    javis Valued Member Member

    I've seen ick medication that instructs to remove the coal, yes and if you Vaccum the gravel with a siphon it should also grab the uneaten food on the gravel
  8. Fahn

    Fahn Fishlore VIP Member

    It's fine if you can't dose until tomorrow evening.

    Take your carbon out of the filter while treating with medicine, yes. And you can vacuum before feeding your fish so you don't take away their food. I would follow the directions on the medication and vacuum every day.
  9. cla001

    cla001 Valued Member Member

    I hope someone more experienced would chime in, but if you are going the medication route, check what directions say about using them on scaleless fish - I believe your cory catfish may be sensitive to most commonly used ick meds (which means you might want to start with half the dose slowly going up to the full dose). I suspect the same goes for the salt treatment.

    Good luck and hope you'll be able to fight this through. I came here a month ago with a very similar problem and bought a dedicated hospital/qt tank since. Now we both learned the importance of qt'ing fish the hard way :-(...
  10. islandlife93

    islandlife93 New Member Member

    The scaleless fish should be ok, given there is no copper in the treatment. The API super ick cure (what I have used) recommends doing half doses if you have shameless fish present. Good luck!
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  11. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    Ok. I will go to the store tomorrow. In the meantime I have a dead Cory
    Maybe it came sick from the store. The others, despite the white dots look ok
    View attachment 401523

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  12. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    Hi again,

    I went to the store today and bought the "JBL Furanol Plus 250".

    The store guy said that I should remove the coal so I did it. He also said that because this is a different and better medicine I wouldn't need to do water changes.
    Just put the amount of pills right to the water liters and wait about 2 days max for changes.

    You guys recommended to do more things. What dk you guys recommend with this medicine?
  13. cla001

    cla001 Valued Member Member

    I am by no means a pro, but I wonder why this med has been chosen for this particular situation - from what I see from your pics with guppies you are definitely dealing at least with ick, so I'd say you need something to fight external parasites. Were there any particular reason for choosing this med? (e.g. some symptoms we are not aware of...)

    Furanol Plus seems to contain nifurpirinol (nitrofuran broad spectrum antibiotic), that treats internal and external bacterial infection. While you may well have bacterial infection in your tank as well (as a secondary infection, this may well explain why your cory died so quickly), you should probably attack ick first and not resort to broad spectrum antibiotics right away. Plus it seems nifurpirinol can damage your nitrifying bacteria colonies which will also be not very nice.

    That said, I would not call this medicine a better one, it's just a different one. If I were you, I would rather start with JBL Punktol (if you prefer JBL meds or they are the only ones you can get) - it contains malachite green and it should help with ick. Unless you have a good reason to believe you have bacterial infection going on now, I would personally refrain from using Furanol now.

    Just my 2c - hope this doesn't create even more confusion.
  14. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    Lol. This made me laugh.

    Not about what you said, but the situation itself. The store guy only had this one (or at least thats what he said) and said this one is way better. It will treat the gruppies problem and maybe other ones that may be going on and i didnt notice yet.
    I was like: "well great. Two birds with one stone. Why not?"...

    Lol. Now what? Did i bought the wrong one?

    Will this solve the problem?

    The store guy also said that I would not need to change water, bio filter. Anything...
  15. cla001

    cla001 Valued Member Member

    Well, first thing first, do you have an adjustable heater that you can set to a higher temp? If this is just ick, you may try treating ick with heat (+ possibly with some aquarium salt), but I personally had bad luck in the very similar situation recently and lost both of upside down catfish over the course of such treatment. Only later I read that catfish may be more sensitive to salt, so you should always keep this in mind.

    I cannot comment on if Furanol would treat ick - I tried looking for posts online with people mentioning nitrofuran meds and ick and actually found some, but it doesn't seem to be a broadly used method of treating ick. The only thing the store guy might be right about is that if there are other (secondary) bacterial infections going on, Furanol may help.

    It's hard to suggest if you should go ahead and buy something else, but if I were you and if I could find Punktol or any other medicine specifically against ick, I'd try it first. Maybe you can find something like   (if you are in Portugal...) or something else with malachite green?

    And one thing I'd definitely try to get is a gravel vac - if you do a heat method, you'll likely need it to vacuum ick parasites in their "dormant" stage when they are in the substrate during frequent water changes.
  16. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    Hi again,

    So I bought eSHa Exit and after 3 days I think the fishies are showing improvemments...
    But now my neons lost a lit bittle of the tail and one of the neons has no tail.

    And I think is the other neons that are bitting this one.

    He is breathing very fast and is always hiding!

    I have been reading and I don't think it is fin root, because there is no black tissue in the fin...
    What do you guys think?

    PS: My guppies are getting better and not showing problems in their fins a08dfca33d556285d0ef1d54d148d41b.jpg 9273b31e9d880af04e74b1f2492af0da.jpg
  17. Whitewolf

    Whitewolf Well Known Member Member

    I think it may be secondary to issue, fin rot caused by bacteria because the ick make the fish stress and weak. Antibiotics can be expensive and don't always work. Could you find one?
  18. cla001

    cla001 Valued Member Member

    I think that's actually the time when your Furanol that you bought before may be appropriate, though if you can, I would try to isolate neons with tail issues for Furanol treatment/bath. My limited experience tells me that when there is almost no tail due to bacterial infection, you might need to act immediately and even then there's no guarantee...
  19. OP

    João Silva New Member Member

    I don't have another tank to put my neons... but i can put the other med.
    It's okay to put both together?
  20. cla001

    cla001 Valued Member Member

    Furanol data sheet says it should not be used with other meds + it also says it is harmful for nitrifying bacteria.
    I hope someone with more experience would correct me, but I would probably start with a small bath with Furanol only for affected fishies. Data sheet says it is quite fast acting and absorbed through gills within minutes, so I would take a clean sterilite/similar container / jar, dissolve appropriate amount of Furanol there in pre-treated water (or even water from your tank, though it already has the other med in it) and give your neons a bath there, maybe for an hour or so, monitoring their condition. I think it might be a better option than to medicate the whole tank and risk your cycle. But that's just my opinion...

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