Are my Green Cromis OK?!

  1. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Yesterday night I got 2 green cromis for my 29 gallon biocube. My cycle is done. They first were really timid but now are starting to get more active. But only one of the fish is eating. I'm feeding mysis shrimp. Also they both are opening and closing there mouths really quickly but are not on the surface of the water. I'm worried that there is something wrong with them. Yesterday my water parameters were Ammonia 0 Nittite 0 Nitrate 5. Today it is Ammonia 0 Nitrite .25 Nitrate 6. Also the PH is 8.2. My water had been cycled in the last 11 days. The one that is not eating is not in hiding but the one that is eating is hiding under the rocks while coming out quickly for food and back in. This picture is of the fish that's not eating. Should I do a water change. [​IMG]
  2. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome.
    I started with 5 blue/green chromis in a 120 two years ago. However, over the past two years, the number is now 2 currently in a 90 gallon bowfront.
    Even though you will read that they can be kept in a small school, the tank has to be large enough and I am afraid that your two will be stressed and you will eventually have one.
  3. SubieFish Initiate Member

    I wouldn't say that's the problem because they hang around each other without any aggression.
  4. House Member Member

    You need to do a water change first of all. Any nitrite is not a good sign things are stable yet. And as said in a 29, one is probably what you will end up with.
  5. SubieFish Initiate Member

    I also talked to my lfs and they said to not do a water change because I'm going to remove bacteria from the tank. They also tested for phosphate and my tank had some my fish are dying should I do the water change? Thanks.
  6. House Member Member

    The bacteria is in your live rock and filter if you are using one. Not the water. Water changes remove and lower nitrates and will help with the nitrites. I'm not sure why anyone would advise against it if nitrites are present.

    I would check your tap water for phosphates and start using RO water.
  7. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Thank you so much for all the help. I'm already using ro water.
  8. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi, did you purchase live rock locally? If not and you had it shipped in then much of the live matter would have died while in transport. Live rock has to be cycled longer than 11 days-especially if you had it shipped.
    Even locally purchased will have some die off.
    While RO water is great, saltwater requires that temperature acclimation and more importantly, ph and salinity slowly be adjusted when adding new fish- drip acclimation works well for that.
    If your fish are opening their mouths as you suggest it is possible they are not getting enough oxygen/water movement and you may need to add more powerheads or change the direction of the power heads.
    If you do a water change, then make sure you have it the same temperature and salinity as the tank.
  9. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Thank you for all the insight but the two fish passed already and I did a water change I also did all the steps you said for the water change but when I got the fish I didn't drip acclimate them I just did it by temp. My live rock was also locally bought. I have to korila 600 power heads on the back of the tank facing up and to the middle to create a circular flow. Also how should I get the algae of the rocks because I don't want to scrub it and remove the bacteria. Thanks a lot.
  10. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    I am sorry they didn't make it.
    In a new tank, you will see lots of stages-one being algae. Do you know the kind of algae you have on the rocks?
    If it is a maroonish red - cyano, you need to increase circulation or aim the powerheads in the direction of the algae as it cannot stand direct heavy flow.
  11. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Thanks a lot for the quick response it's a thin green layer of algae over the rock and sand but it's gone from the sand because of the water change.
  12. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    I would give you a simple answer but frankly, there are none.
    The algae could be any number of things-ph, high nitrates, overfed the fish, newly established tank, no skimmer, and on and on.

    Do you know what your readings are for kh, ph, nitrates, ammonia, temp, nitrites, salinity, and what are the tds for your ro water are just a few.
    Are you using the same salt mix each time and are you keeping the water topped off with ro water to account for evaporation.
    How many pounds of live rock do you have?
    What are the power heads rated?

    Honestly, saltwater was very hard to adjust to when I started a couple of years ago but it does get easier.
    Here is information that was very helpful to me.
  13. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Im using the same salt every time which is reef crystals. I don't know the tds because I don't have the tool. My parameters of the water before the water change were PH 8.2 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0-.25 Nitrate 5. I haven't done a water test after the water change. I have 32 pounds of live rock and 40 pounds of live sand. I also use pure ro water to top off. It's two korila 600 power heads as seen in the first image of this thread. I ordered a reef kit from api which will arrive in 3 days hopefully then I can test again for phosphate and see how long it takes to be ready to add fish. Thanks again.
  14. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    It sounds like you are doing things the right way!
    It is possible that it is just new tank-there will be plenty of different algae as you continue to cycle.
    Saltwater is a very slow process and in a few months or a year or so that tank will have some stability.
    I still have some algae in my tanks and sometimes have to adjust my feeding schedule or increase my use of phosphate removers.
    I have an ro/di system here that I use and I still get a reading at times-even keeping the di flushed.
    I think just give it time, keep an eye on your perimeters and it will eventually even out. Did you get your rock from another salty or a store? I ask because you might ask what salt they were using?
    I use Tropical Marin and love it. I used Seachem at first but about a year ago I slowly switched all my tanks to the one for bio environment and my coral and fish are the better for it.
    Dont give up and try to be patient-it will pay off. I really hope you read that e-book! It helped me a ton. That and I just keep looking for answers!
    I have one tank that is seahorses and I nearly gave up on them after loosing some but I kept at it and they seem to be fine.
    Good luck!
  15. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Thanks again for all your time. Good luck to you also.
  16. House Member Member

    Sorry the fish didn't make it. But you've gotten some great advice and sounds like you know what your doing. Good luck!
  17. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Thanks a bunch
  18. SubieFish Initiate Member

    Hello I just checked my water and the Ammonia was 1 Nitrite .25-.50 PH 8.2 I'm really worried because that's after the water change. Thanks.
  19. House Member Member

    You are not cycled. What do you have in the tank? Is there any nitrate?
  20. SubieFish Initiate Member

    I didn't check the nitrate yet because I was in a rush. I will check in a bit. Thanks.