are my food choices ok?

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HI all.! I want to make sure my fishy friends are getting a varied diet. Currently I feed them
Omega One flakes M W&F
Freeze dried bloodworms T&Th
Frozen Brine Shrimp SAT & Sun
Wednesday is usually a fast day but sometimes they convince me to give them a snack! I also feed algae wafers and wafers for bottom feeders for my cories and shrimp 3 days a week.
I was thinking of adding seaweed sheets on the weekends.
My current stock is a dwarf gourami, glo light Tetris,pristella tetras and red eye tetras.
Am I over feeding? Would the seaweed be ok? Thanks all!


You want to feed them what they can eat in 3 minutes do as long as you are doing that sounds like a good diet




Et tu

With your current stock I would not feed seaweed sheets, The staple that you already feed has some plant material already.


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Please be sure to pre-soak all freeze dried foods before feeding them to your fish. This will help prevent bloating and constipation.

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