are my fish mad?


Previously my angels were verI peaceful..
but after I bought tetras and put it in they started chasing the tetras around..
now they even got mad and attack each other frequently..
I can say no damage is done though no injuries seen on them..
but are they goin crazy cuz of the tetras?


angels are an aggressive fish that will attack and eat smaller fish, and if they are not a mated pair, they will even attack each other, I have only heard of one way to get a mated pair and that is to buy 5 or 6 of them, wait for two of them to pair off and then return the rest.


what is your tank size and how many angels do u have? angels may become aggressive to each other if not given enough space and they may eat tetras.
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they are still not big enuff to eat tetra..
I have 6 angels..
but now I do see them doin occasional chasing of tetra only..
previously chasing the tetra like mad..
only when the lights out will the tetra get attacked but normally the angel can't even get a snip on the tetras
but they do frequent fighting among themselves

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