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HI all I"m new here and now as I read I feel really mis-informed from the petsmart I just got our new fish from.

Wishing I had come here first to read up.  My daughter and I started out with a gold fish won at a fair 5 years ago, and purchased another goldfish to keep it company ..a fancy tail...we still have them both and they are huge.  standard goldfish is now about 8" fancy is 6".  Needless to say we went from a ten gallon to a 30 gallon and now just put them in a 75 gal.

My dilemma now is....I cleaned and set up the 30 gal. tank, and took my 11 yr old daughter to petsmart to pick out some fish for it.  Asked all sorts of questions there..what fish were compatible how big they get ect..tank set up. took water I had set in got it tested.
We ended up purchasing 2 rainbow sharks, 2 red tail sharks, and 2 dwarf fire red gouramis. All are about 1 1/2" in size They're in my computer room so I've pretty much learned their personalitys already..and they have been named.
one rainbow shark  is BUD ...cause he wedges himself in this plant like a leaf ..ready to bud ...kinda hiding ....He's hiding from CHASE... a redtail obviously is chasing him and won't leave him be.  The other red tail is PEEK A BOO..has a rock it likes to hid in and pops out time to time..also botherd by CHASE.  The 2nd rainbow is NIBBLER....likes to graze.
The gouramis seem pretty content and not bothered....names Starfire and Wiskatch. cartoon my kid watchs I think?
My daughter and I picked the names together.
After reading over your site ..I never realized the fish had such personalitys and didn't get along sometimes...feeling misled by the petsmart guy.  Not sure returning CHASE is an option, but also unsure if he's bad for the others?

I have lots of rocks and hidey holes for the fish ...a lot of fake plants ..the gouramis seem to like to hang out in one corner in the plants.
the other sharks are just buggerd by this one redtail they're running or hiding.
I do have a 10 Gal tank and wondering if I should move this fish into it?
I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Also How do I get the little footnote about the fish, tanks I own at the bottom of my question?
Please help ...I bought before I read up better~


First, welcome to Fish Lore, Katy Rock

If you have not already learned about the Nitrogen Cycle, please take the time to do so. You should also read the rest of the Beginner's Articles. All these are available on the main page of Fish Lore (just look to the left of it and go to the Beginner's Guide for Freshwater Fish).

Besides, how long has your 30 gallon tank been running? If you just set it up recently, it is or will soon be going through the cycle - which is why it's important for you to know about the Nitrogen Cycle.

Now, I am sorry to say this but I don't think the sharks you have are compatible with each other. Plus, they'll soon grow too large for a 30 gallon tank. Here is some information about the fish you have that you should consider:

Rainbow Shark:
"The Rainbow Shark can be kept in a large community tank if there is plenty of cover to hide in. This larger fish is too aggressive for beginners. Very closely related to the Red Tailed Black Shark. Hollows and hiding places are recommended. Only one Rainbow Shark should be kept in each tank as they are intolerant of their own species. Also try not to keep Rainbow Sharks with Red Tailed Black Shark as they will also fight."

Redtail Shark:
"The Red Tailed Black Shark is a beautiful fish and can be kept in a large community tank if there is plenty of cover to hide in. This fish is too aggressive for beginners. Very closely related to the Rainbow Shark. An albino variety is also available. Hollows and hiding places are recommended. Only one Red Tailed Black Shark should be kept in each tank as they are intolerant of their own species."


Welcome to FishLore! Isabella is right on with her information.


I've actually stopped raising Redtail and Rainbow sharks because of the stress they cause other fish and each other in a community tank.. the very first pairs of each I got though, coexisted very peacefully maybe because I got all four of them when they were quite young, and raised them to adulthood.. unfortunately, I lost them all along with their Swordtail tank mates during a botched waterchange( I was still fairly new to raising fish), and I've never been able to recreate that camaraderie between Redtails and Rainbows and other species.. Yep, everything Isabella mentioned in her post, unfortunately, is true.


You should not keep tropical fishes with goldfishes since they produce a lot of waste and require different temperatures. Also, do not keep those common/standard goldfishes with fancy ones because the common goldfish will get more food since its faster.
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I returned the sharks

I appreciate the input. I did end up returning the sharks. We kept the 2 Redfire gourami. I replaced the sharks with schooling fish..... 6 bloodfin tetras and 6 harlequin rasboras. We also got 2 snails 1 gold and 1 blue mystery snail. Everyone in the tank seems to be a lot happier now.
I felt bad about returning the poor sharks but we want a happy fish tank, and I think we acheived that ~~ ;D
I really love the site and wish I had done my homework before we got involved with the freshwater tropicals but I've since read up in here to make myself more informed.... now both tanks are up to par. water qualities are testing right ect.

I'll be sure to return again if a question ever arises~~
Thanks so much for the help~


You're very welcome I am glad you have returned the sharks. Your tank will indeed be much more peaceful now and much less stressful to you. I know you must have felt sorry about returning the sharks, but it's for their own good and for the good of your other fish. It's better when the sharks are in a larger tank with with more compatible tank mates - they'll be happier this way. And your current fish will be much happier the way they are right now And ... very importantly ... your tank will not be overstocked anymore (which means smaller water changes will be required).


Stradius011 I believe she said the goldfish are in a 75G (lucky goldfish) and the others are in a 30 G.

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