Are Guppies Usually Nippers?

  1. jcmguy

    jcmguy Valued Member Member

    I have a guppy, an albino chocolate pleco(smaller breed, ive done my research), and neon tetras in my 29 gallon. I fed all my fish their flakes and pellets but it seemed the gupy was spitting out the pellets and being picky and after I dropped in an algae wafer, which I usually remove the next morning, the guppy began trying to shoo the plec,o by nipping his tail fin, from her area she usually stays in where I accidentally dropped the wafer. Is this normal behavior from a guppy or is she hungry or territorial or what?

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  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    My Lyretails were.
    Such absolute terrors we called them The Marauding Gang of Guppies.