Are Green Terrors notorious jumpers?

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    Earlier this week, I decided to stop by my local Pet Supermarket on the way home from class.
    I am currently in the process of stocking my 75g South American Cichlid community and I wanted to stop by and browse through their selection, since surprisingly enough this particular location specializes in exotic fish and Cichlids.

    The only inhabitants in the tank so far are, two Blood Parrots, a Kirin Parrot (Blood Parrot x Flowerhorn Hybrid), an Electric Blue Acara, and also a Green Severum. I have a list in mind of various species that I would like to include in this tank, but it is by no means set in stone and is more of a wishlist (rather than an actual "shopping list").
    One of the fish that I know for sure that I would like to include is a Green Terror.
    While I was there, I saw that they had four Green Terrors in stock. Two of them were fully grown and measured just over 10" in length, while the other two appeared to be juveniles around 4" or so.

    I decided to go with one of the juveniles, since they were closer in size to the fish already in the tank. Also, there was quite a price difference between the two sizes, which I believe was $2.99 for the juveniles and $19.99 for the fully grown adults.
    I chose which particular one I wanted out of the two, and the associate proceeded to net it. Once he was finally able to catch it, immediately after he lifted the net out of the water it jumped out and landed into one of the lower tanks (Thank God he landed into the 2" and under Mbuna tank or else he would have been lunch).

    I asked the associate if all Green Terrors are known to jump, or if this was just a fluke. He then informed me that it is very unusual for them to jump and out of the MANY he has sold, never before had he seen this happen.
    I explained to him that I have had many heartbreaking mishaps in the past that were caused by jumping, and I had no intentions of ever again owning a fish that is able to jump.
    I told the associate to hold off on bagging the Terror just yet and to leave it in the clear plastic container until I was done choosing what other fish I wanted to purchase. If he did not attempt to jump out the entire time he was in there, I was going to write it off as an isolated incident and go ahead and purchase it.
    After about 15-20 minutes later, there was still no attempt to escape whatsoever, so I told the associate to go ahead and bag him (since obviously this was an isolated incident). Unfortunately as soon as he picked up the plastic container in order to pour him into a bag, he took another leap of faith, but this time ended up on the floor. I was very surprised that he fell from almost eight feet up and still lived. At this point, I knew he was a habitual jumper, so I told the associate to put him back in the tank because I was no longer interested.

    Since there was another juvenile Green Terror, I figured I would give this one a try and see if it was less skittish. Once again, as soon as the associate was able to catch it, the fish jumped out and into another tank instantly after lifting the net out of the water. The associate profusely apologized and assured me once more that this has never happened with this particular species.
    As a whole, the employee was very kind and courteous, so in the nicest way possible I had to disagree with his logic that these two separate occurrences were entirely coincidental. He then tried to explain that these two specific fish may be a hybrid of some sort and that is why they are jumping (I know what you are thinking, and yes....I was just as confused as you are now). After that statement, I just nodded my head in agreement , finished shopping, and then checked out.

    My one complaint about this specific store is that there are really only two or three employees that actually know what they are talking about when it comes to fish. The rest are just your typical "big-box" sales associates that get paid $8 an hour to scoop out dead fish and restock the kitty litter.

    Mainly what I would like to know is....Are Green Terrors notorious jumpers? Or are they fairly calm and this was just a complete coincidence that both of them happened to jump as soon as they were handled?
    Thank you so much!Kentaaa*
    P.S: I am well aware that a Green Terror will eventually outgrow a 75g system. Before anyone points out the obvious, as the fish approaches maturity and maximum size it will be relocated to a MUCH larger display tank. I just wanted to get that out of the way in order to avoid criticism. Thanks again!
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