are gold fish easy breeders

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I've heard that they are not the easiest to breed, but this is off the top of my head and my memory is sometimes faulty on stuff like this...
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I had two gorgeous fantails in an outside tank, I couldn't stop them breeding! Many a young goldfish had to be rehomed *L*
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They will breed if they have sufficient room and conditions. If you don't have a separate place for the eggs, the adults may eat them. They like to lay eggs in shallower mossy water. I usually leave moss growing on my rock shelves so the fish can lay there. Of course, since I don't take the eggs out, most of them are eaten by the adults or the mosquito fish I have in the pond. I have at least one fish that I know was born in my pond. My sister has had a couple of eggs survive in her pond also.
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They are tough to breed inside, but if left outside year-round, and if the body of water is large enough and doesn't freeze through, you will often find fry in the spring.
I believe that temp has the biggest impact in triggering breeding, so if you mimic the changing of seasons, you could probably get them to breed pretty easily indoors, too.
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Yup, easy to breed with even close to the right conditions. I have several generations of goldies now. I keep them indoors over winter and then move them to ponds for the summer. Once the temps stabilize and weather warms a bit, I see spawning and babies. I also leave some growth for the babies to hide in. The big ones will eat the little guys.

Has anyone ever tried to spawn them indoors? I would think that would be a bit more difficult.
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I had 6 goldies in a 75 gal. tank. They breed all the time. I tried saving the eggs once. one of which died at 6 years old. I currently still have 3 babies, along with 3 adults 12 years later.
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I had only two goldfish among other fish, now there must be at least twenty, I have them in a pond with lots of plants for them to lay eggs!
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I have many generations in my pond. They seems very prolific to me. I have also noticed about 3 spawns as there's 3 sizes of fry when I am cleaning out leaves (carefully) in the fall. You need to have plants for the fry to hide in. Goldfish by nature won't snack on their offspring once they can tell that's what they are. It seems the temp. change triggers spawning. In Ct I think it begins in May when the temps climb a little.
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in my pond I have to take out lots of the babys almost every day
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Guess what! I found eggs again this morning. Yep, goldfish are easy breeders. The only difficult part is trying to save the eggs and fry before they eat them.
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I have heard that Goldfish are very easy breeders although my Fatty goldfish's aren't exactly breeder fish LOL. Oh well.

Good Luck.

From Matt
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from my understanding and reading of fishlore information, its not very common although it is possible.
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its not easy to do..u need to take lot of care n provide them with all the required condition then may be u can...not easy definietly possible..if u hv correct information abt breedin them..
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I guess maybe it is like any fish - if you want to breed them, you can't. But if you don't want any babies, you get them all over the place!
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Yes, mine breed every spring in may and june along with the Koi. Always have a few survivors to give away. Enough eggs survive in the algae and water lilies...once free swimmong they have a chance, neither Koi nor Goldfish are very effective predators.
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This thread is almost a year old, and had been answered almost immediately. Please keep an eye on dates when responding to threads.
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yea I know sorry....but fun to answer no work stress reducer!

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