Are Cherry barbs compatible with Peacock Gudgeons?


I have this 10 gallon tank with a few cherry barbs in it and I want to add some Peacock Gudgeons with them, I’ve looked on the Internet but I’m not to sure if they go good with the female cherry barbs I have so I came here for an answer


Compatibility wise in proper setups they would be fine. However, I advise against it in this setup as it’s already overstocked since cherry barbs need a larger aquarium (20g) and at least 6 (not sure if you have this or more, but by a few I assumed it was only 2-3. My apologies if I am incorrect).

A 10g doesn’t have enough swimming room for cherry barbs and adding more fish into a potentially already stressful set up will make things worse for everyone. The stress can also increase agitation making them aggressive to others and in a 10g there is little room to get away.

These are just my opinions and what I’ve learned over the years, however.
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