Are Blue Ramshorn snails weaker, genetically?


I have quite a variety of ramshorn snails, brown, spotted, golden, pinks, blues, even a clear variety. But the only losses I have incurred are from the blues, in two separate tanks. No other snail losses in either tank, just a random dead/dying blue one.

Does anyone have experience with multiple colors of ramshorns, specifically the blues, and whether or not you have random deaths or do they live for you fine?

My parameters are good in both tanks (0,0,10 and 0,0,20-30).

I really enjoy the blue silvery colors and wish they'd keep alive for me. The other colors are doing fine, the pinks in the first tank have already hatched a new batch and I haven't lost any other colors.

Picture of my latest find, found this morning. Removed it and it's now in a cup in my window for observation, just in case it's still kickin'.


I don't have more deaths, but I definitely find it hard to keep a population of them. I guess they don't breed true, so if you're not careful, a colony of blues will definitely turn into a colony of regular reds pretty quickly.

Do you have soft water? These guys are usually pretty indestructible unless they're being preyed upon or the water is so soft and acidic that it eats away their shell.


I purchased 3 blue leopards, 3 brown leopards Feb. 2020 almost all the leopards are now brown.

it could be a recessive coloring & therefore maybe weaker?
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