Archer Fish gen info Question

  1. enyong112 Initiate Member

    Archer Fish gen info (pics added)


    I just bought 3 archer fishes... What to feed them?
    I put a twig in the middle of my tank, and put some spiders, however the fishes are not spitting... Are they night feeders? or do they feed anytime of the day? I even dropped some superworms/mealworms, and still no action...
    Do they need to get accumulated to the tank before they eat?
    Help me please... these are very hard to get by in my locality...


  2. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Hi Enyong.

    Congrats on getting some archers. They're very hard for me to find in my local area as well. Feeding them some insects will do but they also eat live feeder fish or bloodworms. They might not eat now as they need sometime to get use to their new environment.

    How big is your tank? According to your aquarium info, it's not updated. Kindly please update it so it'll be easier for other members as well and too many questions not need be asked.

    Please keep us updated. :;hf

  3. enyong112 Initiate Member

    My tank is actually a semi-pond style, I used an old Oil barrel, used to house my swordtails... cut approximately 2/3 horizontally... I put in some plants, and used an overhead filter for filtering... Not fancy, but it's what I have...
  4. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Sounds interesting :) But how big is it? Archers need a huge tank or pond to be happy and to be able to have room to shoot water. The shooting water technique will take a while, so you'll need to be patient.

  5. enyong112 Initiate Member

    Around 3ft by 1.5 ft by 1.5ft, filled around 2/3 of the depth... So more or less around 50 gallons... is this enough?
  6. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Sadly, 50 gallons isn't enough for 3 Archers. They could probably thrive if you have 2 in there but with a bit of aggression issues, but for 3, IMO I'd advice a minimum of 100-125 gallons for them to be freely happy. Is the barrel covered? Because they are very good jumpers and will jump for anything flying.
  7. enyong112 Initiate Member

    I see, even if I don't have other fishes in the tank?
    so will just, put the other one on another barrel...
    I cover the barrel with a net...

  8. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah. Archer fishes can be aggressive towards other fishes if smaller than their mouth, worse they could become dinner too.

    Here' a few links you may find helpful about your Archers.

    Also, I just noticed according to your aquarium info, you don't know about the nitrogen cycle. This cycle is very crucial for tanks and fish life.

    And almost forgot, WELCOME TO FISHLORE! :;hi2
  9. enyong112 Initiate Member

    Thanks peacemaker... Actually I already read 2 of the links earlier, before I posted the thread...
    For the Nitrogen Cycle, I dont know how to update my aquarium profile... But I am already aware about when I started to join this forum a couple of months ago...
  10. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Hi enyong and welcome to fishlore :)
    Does your barrel have a light and heater?

  11. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Dont archers need brackish water?
  12. enyong112 Initiate Member

    It is outside our house, gets hit by the sun around during lunch...
    We don't have heater here in my locality, I think we don't need it here, we are in the tropics...
    I already put some salt in the barrel...x
    I think they are still getting accumulated, I threw in some black ants this morning, apparently one is not shy, and ate with me standing there... the others only ate when I stepped back a couple of feet...
  13. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Yes, archer fish are indeed best kept in brackish waters - about 1 rounded tablespoon or marine salt per 5 gallons of water. :)

    I wish I had a good set up for these fish. They're SO cool! :D If you get pictures or video, please post them when you get a chance. I'd love to see them!
  14. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

    Glad their eating now. To update your aquarium info, click the arrow next to the My Settings bar above the page, there'll be a scroll down then click Edit Aquarium info. Then just fill in your tank details there. Hope that helps.

    P.S Sorry forgot to mention their brackish. Great info from iloveeng about how much salt to add. Best of luck! :;hf
  15. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    I am glad to hear they are eating :) keep us updated!!
  16. enyong112 Initiate Member

    Freakin Awesome!!!! saw for the first time how these fishes spit!!! I put some spiders on the twig I put in the middle of the barrel, and stepped back a couple of feet, the fishes just started firing jets of water... lol

    BTW, unfortunately we dont have testers here, how often do I need to put in salt?
  17. peacemaker92 Well Known Member Member

  18. Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Salt does not evaporate so you only add it when doing changes. Add 1 rounded tablespoon of marine salt per every 5 gallons you change when changing the water and that should see them set :).
  19. enyong112 Initiate Member

    New Tank

    I have a new tank for my archers... here's what it looks like... 157.jpg
  20. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Nice to here from you :)
    Beautiful tank and archers :)