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    My nine fishes,2 oranda goldfish , 2 redcaps,3 angles and two molly are dead .i don't know why? I have even put medicine as directed. Now i have only a 3inches pleco left.aquiriam size:2ft length 1ft height and breadth.should i change the whole water to add new fish .i have changed 50%wayer and cycled water in tank....what should i do?is it ok to give 6 pellets to my pleco?
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    What size tank? When did you set it up? What do you mean by cycled water? What are your water parameters?

    What is the width of the tank? Just by judging by the length and the height you have a 15 gallon tank? You have way too many fish in that tank and none of those fish are suited for this size tank! It is most likely they died from ammonia poisoning.

    I think that by cycled water, you mean that you added fish tank water from another tank? If so that water is not cycled and only contains more harmful stuff. I suggest you read the about the nitrogen cycle. BB(benficial bacteria) is what process the ammonia. About 95% of the BB in your aquarium is in the filter. About 5% is in the actual aquarium(tank, water, decoration, gravel).
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    I setup a week before treating the tap water with dechlorinator as directed. Cycled water mean i used filter to cycle water but i didn't switched on all 24 hrs.It was periodic maybe 8 hrs a day.The width of my tank is 9 inches.

    Should i turn on the filter all hrs?

    Could you please you suggest me which fish are suitable for my tank?i love orandas and angel though but my petshop owner said they are difficult to handle.
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    You didn't cycle your tank :(

    Cycling your tank can take 2 weeks to 2 months. The fast way is using a BB supplement such as TSS+ and Seachem Stability. The filter should by on 24/7 unless for maintenance. BB is an aerobic bacteria, the filter has a pump which makes water moves over the biological media. The BB need the water flow in order to get oxygen from the water. If kept dried or with no water movement for a few hours, the BB will start to die. If not doing a fish in cycle, you should be adding the appropiate amount of ammonia to gradually grow your BB colony out.

    Your aquarium was less than 15 gallons, none of those fish were suited for the tank. Most of your fish needs a 29 gallon aquarium. What type of pleco do you have? Some get 12 inches while others can get 18 inches.
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    As @Al913 said the tank was way overstocked, and the filtration needs really to be run 24hrs a day. The system was never cycled. The cycling of a tank takes about 4 weeks if not more to establish Beneficial Bacteria in the filter to convert ammonia, nitrites into nitrates.
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    I agree with the posts above. It may mean that you might have to rehome the pleco if you can't give it a suitable home. There are lots of products out there which can help with the process of cycling a tank both with or without fish.