Aqueon water changer flow valve

  1. alink

    alink Well Known Member Member

    Doing a water change today and I screwed on the valve to the faucet, perform the drain and fill of my tank and go to take off the valve and it won't release. I end up removing the faucet adapter from the faucet to get it off. I grab a pliers and try to take the 2 pieces apart unsuccessfully. Beyond that, I ended up cracking the plastic. So I hop on the good old Internet and find the whole valve assembly for like $10 which isn't bad. I call Aqueon customer service and they said if I had the receipt for the original purchase of the water changer, they would send me a replacement for free because of the lifetime warranty. I don't have the receipt, but I wanted to post this here to tell everyone to keep the receipt! It wI'll save you money in the future!

    Edit was going to add pics but can't figure how since they changed the layout. Sry!
  2. Junne

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    Thats great customer service! Too bad you don't have your receipt :( but they're not too expensive to replace - you should be able to find an adapter at the hardware store for a few dollars.

    I always keep all of my receipts for stuff I buy until I know the warranty is out but I have not thought to keep one on stuff like that ( usually bigger ticket items ) but you never know, right?