Aqueon water changer flow question

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by freak78, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. freak78Well Known MemberMember

    I was wondering what's the amount of water that this pulls out of the tank with what goes down the drain. For example 1 gallon of tank water for 3 gallons that go down the drain etc, etc.....
  2. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Unfortunately I can't answer your question, but if your tank is higher than your sink you can just use gravity instead of turning the sink water on :) Many members, myself included, use the water changer for filling only because not only does it waste water, but the flow is a lot slower than just using old-fashioned buckets.
  3. freak78Well Known MemberMember

    I think my tank is higher but it's 50 feet away. I'll have to try gravity next time and see if it will work.
  4. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    The flow from the faucet is a constant, so time how long it takes your faucet to fill up a container. Then time how long it takes to fill up with the water and the siphon going. Extrapolating the difference will tell you how much tank water verses faucet water goes down the drain per period of time.

    When I used to hook it up, I always had the water on full blast or else I'd be doing water changes literally all day. Now I use a pump so I don't waste any water at all.
  5. SugarJunkeeValued MemberMember

    I've wondered the same thing, Freak78. And like Jaysee said, we have to have the water full blast to get good suction. Luckily we're on well water here in the mountains so waste isn't a big issue but I still try to be conservative.

    A pump? Now that's something I'll have to look into! Is it something made for the water changer or what would you have to look for?
  6. freak78Well Known MemberMember

    I'm on a well too but if I don't have to waist water I don't want to.
  7. SugarJunkeeValued MemberMember

    I agree. I grew up in Florida and remember having days and times you were allowed to water the yard! I still make the hubby and son turn off the water while brushing their teeth etc. Its a good habit to be conservative!
  8. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    Unless it's a large amount of water (big tank) I wouldn't recommend a pump. I tried a pump, granted it was way larger than needed, but it didn't allow gravel vaccing the entire tank.

    You can get a male - male barb and connect another hose to the end if you need more than 50' (aqueon has 25' and 50'). They should have it at most hardware stores. To drain, I run my faucet end out the slider door, and just connect to faucet when filling. Could use drain water for plants...

    If you want to get fancy, get a T fitting to connect before the faucet adapter.

    Side 1- to gravel vac
    Side 2- to shutoff valve/faucet adapter
    Side 3- to quick connect valve for pump or extended hose

    Could make it over complicated but easier if you want the options.

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