Aqueon QuietFlow 50, 20 gallon tank

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by happygolucky, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    I had asked for filter advice about a week ago, and while most recommended AquaClear, they didn't have them at PetSmart, and I needed a somewhat quiet filter to get my cycle going. I purchased the Aqueon QuietFlow, as it had mostly good reviews and it was, after all, advertised as quiet. I installed the filter, and turns out, it is VERY LOUD. The motor continually whirs and makes a "grrrr" noise(it is not vibrations against the tank), and the water splashes super loudly. I really don't want to start my cycle all over again by purchasing a new filter, and so I need help quieting this filter down. Is there something I can do to quiet the motor? I was thinking about putting a "slide" on the opening of the filter(which releases the water into the tank) so the water just slides into the tank without a big splash, would this correct the loud water problem?
  2. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    It honestly sounds like you have a defective filter. The one I have is dead silent. Yes, the baffle would reduce the noise the water makes going into the tank. Is the impeller scratched? That's what I would think if the pump is making a lot of noise.
  3. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    You think I should head back to PetSmart and exchange it? I can go on Saturday(also the day I am giving my Serpae Tetras to a LFS, in case you were wondering lol), and they will give me another one right?
  4. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    I would get it exchanged, It would be unfortunate that you would have to re-cycle the aquarium though. If your budget allows, you could pick up a bottle of Tetra Safe Start to help the cycle along with fish.
  5. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah I'll see if I can purchase some of that, it's quite expensive though(at least for me lol). One last question, is the Fluvial AquaClear Power Filter different from the AquaClear everyone raves about on here? If they're the same, then they'll have them at PetSmart, and I'll refund my Aqueon(because the filter media isn't customizable, which is apparently very limiting) and purchase the Fluval AquaClear.
  6. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, they are the same.
  7. Et tuValued MemberMember

    Petco sells Tetra Safe Start + for a lot less $ then Petsmart. Walmart also sells Tetra Safe Start.
  8. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    Holy it is SOOO much cheaper, thanks so much lol. I just hate the fact that I now have to drive to 3 pet stores in the same day :(
  9. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    All the more reason to stare at the fishies ;D
  10. f2002Valued MemberMember

    I do this with my filter and it definitely quiets down the water splashing sound. I put a piece of sponge that guides the water gently into the tank. It also helps to raise your water level as high as possible so the slide is touching the surface of the water.

    I created a slide for a different reason -- I needed to slow down the flow of the water.

    I actually really like that splashing sound. Before I owned an aquarium, I used to purchase desktop zen water fountains. Now I get the splashing sound for free!
  11. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    As free as fishkeeping gets, anyway.. ;D
  12. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    In case anyone is wondering, I put my Aqueon back in the box it came in, and in its temporary place(at least before I can return/exchange it) is a Topfin 20 that came with my tank. It's hilarious how quiet it is(quiet hum and no water noise, great for a free filter), and how I thought my Aqueon was just a loud filter, when in reality, it was just a defective product. I should still purchase a stronger filter though right? I think the Topfin is filtering the bare minimum for a 20 gallon tank.
  13. f2002Valued MemberMember

    Ha ha. I'm so broke thanks to my aquarium. I find myself working hard at my job because it my tank needs a filter upgrade!
  14. CindiLFishlore LegendMember

    Hi, I've had lots of different quiet flow filters and for some strange reason the 50 compared to the 30 is SUPER loud. The 30 makes virtually no sound. I have two running on my 33g tank and the only thing I hear is the sound of water but not loud. I returned my 50 and got the two 30's. Its always better to have a backup anyways. I think they're only 50gph different. Aim for 10x your aquarium size so a 200gph filter like the 30 would be perfect.
  15. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    In case anyone is wondering, I ordered the AquaClear 50, which will come tomorrow(YAY free one day shipping). I'm returning my Aqueon on Saturday.
  16. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds good! Let us know what you think of the AquaClear filters.

    I've had nothing but good from mine. Really sturdy little filter, even if it isn't the prettiest.
  17. Bob EllisValued MemberMember

    I have used the Quiet Flow 10 and 30 in the past and they were dead quiet.

    One thing I'll add is make sure the water level is up to the bottom of the discharge. It should not 'waterfall' from the lip into the tank. I see that in a lot of online videos, some folks having their water line 2-3 inches below the plastic rim, but it isn't the way the manufacturer wants you to use the filter.
  18. happygoluckyWell Known MemberMember

    So far the filter is great! I upped the water level so I hear no water, and the filter itself is pretty quiet. All I hear is a slight whir, but it could almost be wind to me :)
  19. LiterallyHydroWell Known MemberMember

    Glad to hear! AC filters are some of the best HOB filters I've used.

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  20. Bob EllisValued MemberMember

    Great. Avoid the waterfall!