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Bravo Aqueon!
A few weeks ago, cleaning my 55 gallon getting it ready for "Discus'.
I noticed what appeared to be diatoms on a 1" area of the heater. Tried cleaning it, turns out it is actually the start of corrosion/rust. It appears to be a problem with the polycarbonate plastic coating of the heating element in that area. I thought "Oh, No" the heater is over 2 years old, I'll need to purchase another. Doing some research, I remembered they have a "Lifetime" warranty. Have to admit, I thought it was going to be difficult and really did not want the hassle. But decided to give it a shot.
E-mailed Aqueon, within a day got a response, less than a week have a "New" heater. In fact the problem occurred on a 250w they replaced it with a 300w.
Pleasantly surprised and relieved that in this time of disposable items and the hoops required to make claims, "Good Customer Service" actually still exists.
Thanks! Aqueon Products


I am glad to hear that you were successful!


Hi! I’m new at aquariums. It’s been 3 weeks! I’ve gone through 4 filters cuz the water was getting gross and the red pump light keeps flashing. And added Nutrafin Waste Control.

So, today I used the syphon for the first time. The tank is super clean! BUT...
My pump light is still flashing. I’ve rinsed out the filters....and now my heater isn’t working... . The light won’t turn on. Now it could have been my fault. I didn’t unplug the heater right away....could that be why it’s not working?

And still not sure why the pump won’t stop flashing...

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