Aqueon Power Filters heads up(stopped pumping)


In case anyone uses these, I had an issue tonight with tank maintenance when we cut the filter off while doing a gravel vac. When turning the filter back on we only had about 70-80% of the water filled and nothing. We took it apart and the impeller was free of any debris and able to spin fine. Checked the intake and no clogs or anything.Tried priming pouring water into the filter...nothing. Then after an hour of brainstorming my wife decided to read the directions lol. Apparently the water needs to be at LEAST to the very top or higher of the intake tubing(not just over the vents). After adding one more pot of water and covering the base of the filter(the big rectangle part) she fired right back up right as rain.

Just a heads up in case anyone else pulls their haor out over this one lol.


Thanks for the tip! I use an aqueon on my 10


Indeed. To the top of the tubing at the base of the impeller/pump assembly ... or something like that. I believe the same applies to the HOB Whisper filters with the internal pump (the ones they tried to replace the classics with).
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