Aqueon Modular LED... Opinion?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Honos, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I'm new to fish keeping and am looking to upgrade my light fixture. My current fixture is what came with my tank (18" 15 watt T8 full spectrum fluorescent light). I saw a Aqueon Modular LED for sale in my local fish store, and was wondering if others had any experience with it. It is apparently a fairly new product, but seems like its had good reviews from a google search.

    My second question is would this lamp allow for growth of low light plants that don't require CO2? I have absolutely no experience growing plants, but would one day like to move to the next level and do it. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what everything means so please forgive my ignorance.

    Here is the product on amazon if you haven't seen it (**note this is the larger size than my tank):

    Here is the different light modules that can be purchased for it. Do these work for plant growth?


    Thank you for your sage wisdom!

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    hey hones :)

    i was also considering getting the aqueon modular LED light strip for my tank, i was curious, how many gallons is your tank and is it a tall or a long tank? after doing a lot of reading i heard both positive and negative things about the LED's so i went with a t5 HO light system instead because i had it on a previous tank and i know it provides excellent light for both fish and plant growth alike :) but if you are set on the LED strip i know the aqueon comes with the one strip but also has room to insert different strips which i would definantly use in order to supply a healthy amount of lights for plants.

    as far as growing simple plants i personally would suggest getting a t5 HO light strip, only because it has been used over and over again and is proven to work, also i would get some seachem flourish to begin with, i know everybody has there own method but in my 30 gallon the combination of just that light and the flourish allowed me to grow a large number of plants to really healthy sizes, in fact my amazon swords leaves are at the top of the tank :)

    good luck! and if you have any questions about it you can PM me i am also from washington :)

    here is a picture of the tank with only using the light and flourish

    and here was the same little amazon sword that wouldnt grow before i changed over to those things
    its in the center hiding behind the bridge
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    Do you think something like this would be better ivonko?

    This fixture is a dual T5 "NO" I beleive. My thinking is this... I want to be able to grow low light plants without having to use CO2. I figured a "HO" fixture would give too much light since I'm thinking of low light to medium plants.
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    I found a great deal on the Aqueon T5 duel Fixture at my LFS so I decided to go with that for now.