Aqueon Lid Light vs Zoo Med Ultra Sun


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So I felt like the light that came automatically with the 20 gal high Aqueon lid was pretty dull, and decided to take a chance on a new light. So I just got in Zoo Med's Flora Sun. It was a toss up between Ultra Sun and Flora Sun, but ultimately after reading reviews I went with the Ultra Sun. I just installed it and.... it looks exactly the same? I realize both the Aqueon and the Ultra Sun are 15 watt, but the Ultra Sun is 6500k, and I read here that plant growth is best at 6500-8500k. Since I'm not injecting CO2 I thought to prevent algae growth, the lower end of the spectrum was probably best. I don't really know what the Aqueon light is, but online the reviews for plants with Aqueon sucked, so I thought this one would be better. I'm starting to think I just wasted my money for a replacement bulb that is exactly the same as the one that came with the tank.

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