Aqueon Deluxe Led Hood & Low Tech Plants

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by lockedup, May 20, 2019.

  1. lockedup Valued Member Member

    I’d like to revamp a 10g tank we have for my daughters Betta (currently in a different tank). The 10g currently has a hood with an incandescent bulb... so blah.

    We prefer full hoods because they don't seem to tempt our cat like the glass tops do.

    I came across this hood at Petco.
    Aqueon Deluxe LED hood”.

    It includes one “daylight” light bar and a little blue moon light.

    Would this hood be adequate for growing amazon swords and El Niño ferns?

    If not, would adding a second bulb/light bar to the hood do it?

    If so, which style (they offer a few different ones) would you suggest for these plants?


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  2. Donovan Jones Valued Member Member

    Though this may not be what you were thinking, a clip on lamp from Walmart and an LED light bulb over an egg crate light diffuser lid is what I use. Costed about 15 bucks total but that's if you divide the egg crate cost by the amount used. It keeps my cats out

  3. lockedup Valued Member Member

    Do you get a lot of water evaporation with that?

  4. KaptainStache New Member Member

    I have a larger size on my 29g. It grows ferns, anubias, and crypts. Dont expect to grow a carpet though.
  5. lockedup Valued Member Member

    Are you using the single daylight bulb it came with or did you add a second one?
  6. Donovan Jones Valued Member Member

    In my tank the evaporation is only a problem if the tank is well above room temp., And since I only heat it to 65 in winter, it rarely has an effect because by the time it shows, I'm already doing a water change
  7. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    I know you said you weren't interested in a glass lid but if you put one it will have a plastic piece to slide on the back and you can cut it out for your filter, wires, and airlines then you could get a good led light off amazon for a reasonable price which will allow you to slide the light from front to back to adjust for the light needed for the plants you decide to grow. Just a suggestion.
  8. lockedup Valued Member Member

    I looked at those and they are nice.
    I did see they aren't UL listed and I know that matters to some people.

    Really though, my reasoning for using a hood is because if it is all black then the cats can't see through it.
    ...And (in theory) if they can't see through it they won't try to get on top of the tank.

    Having said that ... I'm wondering if I could just get a glass top and pond shield it where the light isn't sitting. Or cut out some black pvc or something. I'd want the light to sit right on the glass.

    For anyone else looking ... I also came across this one:

    It's more than that nicrew skyled, but it's less than the comparable nicrew classic LED plus.
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  9. lockedup Valued Member Member

    Since I have a Petco near me, I went ahead and got the Aqueon hood to try out.
    I'm a little disappointed with the fit.

    It fits side to side with a little room to spare, but does cover it completely.
    This is pushed all the way to the other side:

    Front to back, it is oversized a hair.
    I can't close the flap without pushing on it a bit.
    I think part of the issue is that there is no frame around the flap.
    So there ie nothing to hold it in place.
    Since the LED is so light it all slides around a lot.

    My original incandescent hood has "All-Glass Aquarium INC" stampled on it (AKA Aqueon).
    So I expected this to fit perfectly.
    I'm sure I could trim the hood for a better fit ... But ...
    The back of the front lid is also totally open:
    Even with the LED in place you have a sizeable space in the top to allow for evaporation.
    I'm sure I could get something to fill the gap but the DIY upgrades on a pre molded hood are starting to seem a bit much.
    Why didn't they just mold the back with a lip?

    With the single light it is OK:

    With the added colormax bulb (seperate purchase) it is MUCH better.
    But this adds $20 to it:

    Moonlight test for the heck of it:

    I didn't take readings off of the lights but I guess I should.

    This is making me lean more towards a glass top with some added blackout material (to deter cats).
    With the glass top I could really trim it all to fit perfectly with no gaps.
    But I suppose that would also possibly slide around like this hood.

    Maybe there is another hood that would fit better.

    BTW, this is the hood I currently have:
    Maybe refitting it with some LED bulbs would be the best solution.
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