Aqueon 200 Watt Heater Knocking noise. What to do?

So, my Aqueon Heater is making this loud knocking noise every now and then (when the light is on). I also noticed a little bit of condensation inside. Just bought it last month. I'm really frustrated. I emailed the company and hope to hear back. In the meantime, any recommendations for more reliable heaters?
My tank is a 36 Gallon.
PS Should I take this thing out of the tank? It is still heating the tank well.
My QT Aqueon heater does the same thing, but I've never heard it from the other 3 Aqueon heaters I have. I'm curious if anyone knows what it is. . .
I also use an Aqueon heater and it kinda clicks/knocks when it turns on. No condensation noticed.
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The noise that you are hearing is probably from the thermal cut in contact / switch ( Ie when temp goes down slightly ( 1 or 2 Deg ) the switch activates to start heating again in order to maintaain a constant temp.)
The condensation would seem to be from the air / gas trapped Inside the heater tube from its initial assembly being slightly warmer than the water content of the tank, as the air inside is closer to the heating element
Personaly, I would leave it in the tank - if there were any water ingress, it would have either gone bang, or electrocuted all your fish.
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If your heater has condensation inside of it, I would suggest replacing it. Why risk and electrical shock?

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This heater was probably assembled in R.O.C. or Thailand, or some such place where the ambient air is full of moisture ( Humidity ), and the air / gas that is inside it will condensate when heat is applied because the tank water is slightly cooler.
That is the point I am trying to make, but if you are not sure or feel worried by this take out the heater by all means, and await the manufactures reply to your email

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