Aqueon 16 gal bowfront

  1. sliderdkp

    sliderdkp Valued Member Member

    Does anyone have any personal experience/comments on the 16 gal Aqueon Bowfront Aquarium set up?:;hi1
  2. d

    dakota Valued Member Member

    I have a 72 gallon bow front and love it. If you get a bow front regardless of what size make sure the stand its on supports the entire bottom of the tank. There are stands that are shaped for that style tank (curved front). Most places I see these tanks also have a bow front stand available.

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  3. Rivieraneo

    Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Hi Slider, I have one and use it as a QT tank. Great starter tank in my opinion.
  4. OP

    sliderdkp Valued Member Member

    Thank You for the input! I was thinking about updating my 5 gal betta/combo tank to a 10 gal., but the 16 gal bowfront Is only slightly wider than my 5 gal. It is taller, but a lot more space! I plan to use a Fluval C4 filter with it.
  5. eds48

    eds48 Valued Member Member


    I have the 16 bowfront and I am very happy with it. It is tall and the best feature is the bow in the glass. Thats the main reason why I got it. It is empty now but I plan on using it for a saltwater nano reef (hopefully) overall it is a very nice aquarium
  6. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    The bowfronts are really nice :)
    I have had the 36 gallon and now the 72 gallon. As stated earlier, just make sure you get the right stand that supports a bowfront aquarium.

    What do you plan on stocking with it?
  7. OP

    sliderdkp Valued Member Member

    I plan to move my betta and 6 pygmy cories and 1 ghost shrimp to it. Just got to wondering, if it too tall for the pygmy cories? Now that I think about it, I think they would be OK, Any comments? After getting it established, I may be able to add a few more fish, maybe some neons?
  8. Donnerjay

    Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Hello! I have a 16 gallon Aqueon bowfront. Right now it has five neons and a nerite snail.

    I have kept platies and cories in it.