Aquatop CF canister filter, more attachments?

  1. katiemorrison94 Member Member

    I have an Aquatop canaister filter. It has one spray bar to put the filtered water back in the aquarium. Im having a problem with a protein film on the top of my water. The spray bar is pointed down to make sure there is flow. Is there maybe a different attachment for the spray bar that has 2 outputs that one can point up and one can point down?
  2. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    That is Bio-Film. You have options to get rid of this:

    - increase surface agitation
    - add a skimmer to the intake of your canister
    - spray the surface with a H2O2 water mixture. The peroxide will break up the film.
  3. katiemorrison94 Member Member

    Can i buy any kind of skimmer, or does it have to be specific to my filter?
  4. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, any type of skimmer should work. I would suggest looking on Amazon and YouTube for reviews so you know what to expect.