Aquatop Canister AF400

  1. Yo12 Initiate Member


    Does anybody have any problem with Aquatop AF400 filter? I just bought one a week ago and it starts making noises like there is some air in the canister. The water coming out of the return output also have a lot of air bubbles when the filter is making noises. I have the intake valve sitting beside the air bubble. Could this be the source of the problem?
    Any suggestion or thought would be much appreciated!
    Thank you
  2. Kindafishy Well Known Member Member

    Try moving the intake and bubbler apart. That will likely fix the problem.
  3. Jim Well Known Member Member

    If it does not help, then go back and tighten each connection.
  4. Yo12 Initiate Member

    Thanks for the suggestions guys! It worked!
    Now, I have a problem with water temperature rising. I usually have the temp at 80 and it creeped up to 82.6 since I have this filter going. I turned off the UV sterilizer but it didn't help. Could the tank size be the factor here? I have a 38 g and upgrading to 75 next week so I'm seeding the new filter.
  5. slade Member Member

    Aside from heat from the bulb, a canister won't heat up your tank. Maybe increased circulation is bringing warmer water to the thermometer.
    Just lower your heater and/ or move thermometer to various places in the tank to get other readings.
  6. Yo12 Initiate Member

    Hey Slade,

    Thanks for the advice. I touched the top of the canister and it felt a little warm even with the UV off. I set my thermometer to a lower setting and moved it away from the return nozzle. So far temp is holding steady at 81.5. Hopefully, this won't be an issue in the bigger tank.
  7. Yo12 Initiate Member


    Temp creeped back up again even with thermometer off. Canister filter shouldn't generate that much heat.
    I'm baffled.
  8. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Yo12, what type of stock is in your tank? Generally a gradual increase or decrease in temp won't affect your fish.
  9. Yo12 Initiate Member


    I have 3 blood parrot chiclids in there. I'm worried the temp will keep going up. The highest I saw was 82.6. I've never heard of canister filter raising water temp in a tank.
  10. Kareen Member Member

    Keep and eye on your heater and make sure it's go off
  11. Yo12 Initiate Member

    After hours researching online I concluded that my new filter is too big for my 38 g tank and the filter is definitely heating up the water. I will have a new 75 g tank in 2 days, we'll see if this issue continues in the new tank.
  12. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    Yo12, what type of thermometer are you using to read your tank temp? Most thermometers have a +/- degree accuracy reading meaning they can read off by one or two degrees above or below temperature.

    Your temp sound about right for keeping Blood Parrots, I would not worry too much as long as your water is kept well oxygenated.
  13. Yo12 Initiate Member

    I use coralife digital thermometer. I guess I was panicking too much when the temp went over 82. The tank should be well oxygenated as I have 2 medium sized bubble stone.

    Thanks for the advice Rivieraneo!
  14. Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

    You may want to do a little research on the thermometer you are using, my research has shown this thermometer to be highly inaccurate. I purchased a few of these for my tanks and now use the simple suction on glass thermometers. Here's a few reviews to get you started:

    We have a fellow MOD who has kept BP's for many years, aquarist48, hopefully he can offer you more advice on tank temperature. Thanks.
  15. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  16. Yo12 Initiate Member

    O wow I didn't know that type of thermometer is highly inaccurate. I would definitely return the one I just bought for the new aquarium.

    I did an experiment today by turning off the canister filter before work. When I came home temp was at 80.8 and that's with the lights being on the whole time. So the filter increased the temp by almost 2 degrees! I think having the spray bar on also slows down the return water flow thus heating up the water even more.

    It's really nice to have experienced aquarists like you guys to offer us newbies valuable advice. I think I would have given up on this hobby if it weren't for this forum.
    Thanks again guys!!!!