Aquatic Nature Flow 60 HOB


HI all,
just wanted to post a minI review of this HOB filter.

My Betta got a new place as a present (from me).
Did not want to use the old filter (also could not) as it was part of the previous tank (fluval spec 3)
and it was also creating too much current.

So decided to add a HOB.
My LFS only sells two brands (several EheI'm models and also this one).
The EheI'm model I found too bulky. Wanted something compact.

So I noticed this Aquatic Nature Flow 60.
It is a tranparent HOB that ic very compact.

Specs are:
- 60L/h (15.85g/h) with adjustable flow regulator
- a bio cartridge (Looks like a thin sponge filter)
- 3W
- 8,7x9x10.5cm (all a bit above 3")

As you can see it is a very compact filter.
This also means that there is not much space for biomedia.
The bio cartridge that is included is on top of it diagonally placed in the biggest (deepest) part of its housing. So with that present I was only able to squeese in 5-6 sera siporax.
Think I will eventually remove that bio cartridge and fill the area up with custom filter media.

As mentioned in the spec the flow can be regulated.

It came with 3 connection tubes so you can adjust how deep the sponge filter need to go in the tank.
I only used 2.

The filter contains a hood on top of it. But noticed the motor is causing it to vibrate/rattle.
So removed the lid and leave it open.
It still makes some noise now so is not dead silent. But it is not that much (is in my bedroom).
Is my first HOB so cannot compare to the Eheim.

So far I am very happy with it,
Think the smallest EheI'm in the store would be way too powerfull (was 200l/h).
Time will tell if it is a decent quality of motor...
Paid 16.14 EUR for it (a bit above 18USD) so compaired to an EheI'm it is much cheaper.
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