aquatic life 24" dual lamp fixture, any reviews? 20 Gallon Tank

  1. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I was going to go for a do it yourself lighting but have decided to just buy a fixture instead. It will look nicer as far as tank appearance and I think the lighting will disperse more evenly.

    After browsing a few sites I've decided on the aquatic life freshwater t5 high output fixture. Not to many reviews on this, however the gentleman at my local fish shop across the street, without me even mentioning the name, said he likes these fixtures if he had to get one. So I figure thats a good thing.

    Anyone have any experience with these? I haven't read anything bad about them yet, just not much to read out there.

    He said he could order it for me and have it in a couple days and I could pick it up, sure beats paying for shipping and waiting over a week and dealing with ups or fed ex :]

    I'll be sure to do a review on it on here if I end up getting it.
  2. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I have a 48 inch Aquaticlife T5HO 2 bulb fixture, I love it! All my plants grow so well under it. How many watts is the 24inch fixture?
  3. Easy Initiate Member

    I too am in the market for a new T5 fixture. I think im going to get 2 of the $80 ones from pet smart for my 75g discus tank

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  4. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Far as I know petsmart only carries T5NO fixtures.
  5. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I've got the 48" Aquatic Life fixture also. I'm happy with mine.

    Took a little playing with to get the balance with light positioning, fertlizers and co2 to combat Green Spot Algae.
  6. Easy Initiate Member

    I guess I don't know what that means. I don't want to drop over 300 on a light. I kinda figured the $80 was to good to be true

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  7. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I only paid $134.99+shipping for my 48" dual T5HO fixture which includes bulbs.

    T5NO Or T5 (normal output) standard flourcent bulbs but just skinny bulbs. Unlike the T8s and T12s are larger bulbs.

    T5HO (high output) puts out a brighter light that lets you grow just about anything. Note: Regular T5 bulbs will not work in a high output ballast.

    2 T5NO or T5 on a 75g tank will put you in the low light category. Same with T8s and T12s.
  8. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    I payed about $120.00 for my fixture, I have it over a 75gal. When you look up the fixtures you have to make sure you are looking at the dual bulb freshwater models, the ones that are $400 have more bulbs and most of them are for marine setups.
  9. Easy Initiate Member

    Ok thanks for clearing that up I am lucky enough to have 5 lfs near me I went to all of them today before work and the cheapest one I found was $230 other than the ones at petsmart. So with a 2 bulb t5 on a 70g where does that put my lighting?
  10. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Try going to and searching for Aquaticlife fixtures, last I checked thiers where 134.99. Just read th description carefully, they make a lot of fixtures and the ones that have 4+ bulbs are going to be the pricey ones. Also thiey make a freshwater and a marine version of the dual bulb fixtures, make sure you are look at the right one.

    And I think Alyeskagirl already answered your question in the post above:)
  11. Dang Well Known Member Member

    If your talking about the aqueon normal output fixture, which is the only t5 fixture they carry I would advice to not do so. That's why I have and it went out, because the splash guard melted into the bulb and I don't want to replace the bulb I'm just going to cut my losses on it. I think this high output fixture will do a lot better. My plants haven't showed any positive feedback with that fixture either.
  12. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure how to quote 2 people in one reply sorry moderators!
    The fixture I'm looking to get is the 24" freshwater version, the two bulbs that come with it are 1 24watt 650nm pink roseate bulb and 1 24 watt 6000k daylight bulb, so 48 watts. I actually had a high output fixture on my old 40 gallon tank, and it had terrible algae issues, but I think it was my water source at the time. I was scared to use high output fixtures again with my now 20 gallon, but after the normal output fixture I had on there which went out, I miss the high output lighting.

    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR REPLIES I'm pretty confident about getting this fixture.
  13. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    Do the make a smaller fixure? The reason I ask is 48 watts T5HO seems like a aweful lot for a 20gal. My fixure is 108watts (54watt 6000k bulb and 54 watt roseate) over a 75 gal and grows high light plants. You may want to consider hanging the fixturev above the tank so you can get it further away from the tank.
  14. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    For algae control do a 8 hour photo period, Co2 like Excel (liquid carbon source) start with recommended dose and dose a liquid balanced fertlizer like Flourish Comprehensive. Fast growing stem plants are also important like Wisteria.

    It's all about balance with light, co2 and fertlizer with trial and error. Only adjust one thing at a time.

    I've been told that placing screening will help with blocking some of the intensity if you think you've got too much light. Green Spot Algae is one that loves plenty of light.
  15. Dang Well Known Member Member

    No I was discussing this with the fish store guy normal outputs are pretty much passed up and hard to find bulbs for, high output is what's popular and most available. I'm sure I can find less then 24 watt bulbs that I can change out if the 24 watts end up being too much.
    I do know how to do co2 with yeast and sugar and ive used omprehensive. I also have root tabs. Right now I just have root tabs but only under a few plants. Once I get the light I'm going to start everything again and hopefully see some growth.

    With the normal output light I had no growth. So as long as I balance things I'm sure I'll be fine.
  16. Dang Well Known Member Member

    Well I got the light today and put it up. Super easy and I really like how its built and how the legs go on. What a difference from the normal output t5 fixture I had before this one. Love it. Now for the plants to just perk up. Its been maybe two weeks I think with little to no light.
  17. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    I'm glad to hear you like it. They are quit the light.

    My fixture started on its legs but had too much light. It's suspended from the ceiling for easy adjustment.
  18. Dang Well Known Member Member

    very cool. So far so good on mine. I'm getting a little bit of algae on the glass but I don't see it as a big deal right now. My Banana Plant has come back to live and is getting greener each day.
  19. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Is it Green Spot Algae on the glass?
  20. Dang Well Known Member Member

    I don't think so, I've had green spot before and its like little dots but grass green in color, these are darker and really small. I think its hair grass?