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Envious of all. Thanks for sharing your "Fun" day and pics, vicarious enjoyment through all of you.
Go "Fishlore" family!

scarface Your right on a weekend convention in Ohio. It's in November.
Ohio Cichlid Association

Hoping to meet up with some Ohio "Fishloreans" there.
? Ohio Mark AquaticJ jenmur Thunder_o_b any other Ohioans I am missing?
I saw this stuff which I immediately thought was for kids and their fluorescent fish .


Cobalt’s colorful new line of premium silicone air tubing.
Then I thought of how confusing it becomes for me with 10 thousand air lines coming from dozens of 5 gang air valves and then thought this would be simple and fool [not full] proof !
I left my info with the cobalt rep and requested info on bulk rolls. Upon further conversation I said these aren't just for kids you should address breeders and such. He said many actually use the lines for their marine dosing pumps and such ! I missed by that much [classic Maxwell Smart/Get Smart] ? I may just use colored zip ties and do multiples to track my lines if these are not easily obtained . I have a couple racks numbered but with all the Dip And Pours and their constant moving and restocking it is still confusing to me.
So I saw some things even new to me .
I don't use a single Cobalt product but the rep was seriously nice /cool and made sure to get a sample of food to me also .
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patiently waiting for photos and comments from those who went to the event

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