Aquascaping Newbie! Opinions wanted

Discussion in 'Freshwater Substrates - Gravel, Sand' started by CLH, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. CLHNew MemberMember

    Looking for some tips, advice and anything else you can throw at me :)

    I've just got a tank I asked for for my birthday! (A bigger one as I have a tiny but tall one to take on a few fish my boss was getting rid of. Just two glowlight terras and a pleco, plus I brought three cherry shrimp) They won't know what to do with themselves when they get their tails in the new one! ;)

    My new tank is three foot long, one foot deep and I haven't checked for sure but I'd say two feet high. I did an online thing which told me it works out at 155 litres. (This could be wrong, I'm not very good with this)

    However, I want to have a go at aquascaping. They just look beauitful. And even if mine looks half as good I'll be happy!
    I've brought some aquasoil online and am waiting for this to turn up. May need another bag, but I was thinking of putting fine gravel on top.

    What does everyone else do? Have you all got something on top of your soil? Or have you just gone for soil alone? Or something under your soil then gravel on top?
    Are there any cheats for bulking this up for hills ect? I did see a clip on youtube of someone using polystyrene, anyone given that a go?

    Of course this boils down to, if I do go with a gravel on top, which colour do you find looks the best? I'm torn between black or brown! I was thinking of having a light coloured sand trail that gets thin towards the back.
    (Or are you sitting there thinking "Gravel? no, sand all the way!")

    All views welcome, my ears are open for anything you care to share :)


    My aim is to go mainly with the shrimps... I mean... come on, they are just so cool to watch, but I would like some sort of fish shoal as well, not sure just what yet, hopfully the two lonely tetra will join in too, and Brian the Pleco (bristlenose) will carry on doing his thing...
  2. peregrineValued MemberMember

    Welcome to the forums.

    Gravel or sand is really a personal choice. I'm actually getting ready to make a tank with gravel/sand hybrid ((basically going to do black sand with some really bright colored gravel all mixed together, like the purple/pink gravel.. it's to house fish for a 3 year old little girl and I finally got my wife to agree to not kill me for having already bought this tank))

    As for aquascaping. If it's going to be against the wall biggest tip is taller plants in back shorter in front of them. But first a question. are you planing on fake plants or live plants?

    Second. I know you didn't ask this, but the tetras should really be in a 5+ group. They are a schooling fish, so like being in larger groups. And a group school of tetras is actually neat to watch swim around.
  3. CLHNew MemberMember

    I know the tetra are schooling, but long story short my boss had them in a tank with a real mix of fish (his kids picked them out I think, so sadly they really were a pick'n'mix bunch) there used to be a group of four different types, anywho he wanted to get rid of the tank and everything and seeming as I had named them all and like always I had grown attatched, I took them on, I had a smallish tank for them. With the hope of getting a bigger one. That I've now talked the husband into ;)
    So I will get them a bunch of friends once they go in the bigger tank, might take a little while for the new tank to settle itself, but they are fairly happy in the other tank, it's got a lot of live plants in so they feel safe. (better than what their end with of been: flushed!) 0_0

    I'm going to be using live plants I think, as I haven't seen many fake ones I like, plus I really like the look of live plants.

    Haha, I hope all goes well with your tank, the gravel and sand mix sounds good, I bet your girl with love that! Sounds like your wife and my husband would get along!
  4. peregrineValued MemberMember

    OK. Sooo since I had been looking before for plants ((that tank I'm going to do a hybrid fake/real, fake for the massive pops of bright colors)) I had come across this thread I know you already have a planted aquarium so might be a mute point but for me it got lots of nice information, especially on lighting for each plant.

    But as for anything specific. Choose what you light. and arrange larger in back to shorter in front. Oh and don't do what my issue always is in aquascaping ((according to my wife)) straight and orderly isn't as eye appealing ((I work IT I like everything straight lines and orderly.. but she is right hers looked better than mine so I stopped touching them)).

    As for my wife. She is liking this... So far what I have negotiated with her on.. I want a 60-70 gal tank... she wants a puppy before I can have it, not a huge dog person. don't dislike them just to me a puppy is meh... I REALLY want like a 175+ gal SW Reef tank... She wants to buy a bigger house before I can have it, I have been fighting her with the fact we don't need a bigger house...
  5. CLHNew MemberMember

    That thread is really helpful, thanks. I had live plants but I'm not up to speed with them, I'm going to read that thread a couple more times, great info :)

    Haha, I did read somewhere to keep the tank on the more random side of things. (I'm a neat freak too, but I'm building myself up to really go for it) I think that's going to be the hard part though, to just let go and let things fall out of line.

    Ooo, that's a tough one. I'm a big dog person. I have two hairless dogs. So I'm waving the "Get a puppy" banner. Or even adopt one. One of mine was adopted, my husband was the same, I have a lot of "We don't need a dog" "I don't want one" But now he wouldn't have it any other way. Have a deal with her, Puppy for a tank. If there's no room for a tank, there's no room for a puppy ;)


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