Aquascaping- Flowerhorns And Tire Track Eel

Alice Wright

I need some help on redesigning my tank, I currently have a bare bottom tank with bogwood and that’s it. The tank is just under 900 litres and I have a breeding pair of flowerhorns, a large tire track eel and 2 plecos (blue phantom and rusty plec) and want to design the tank so they’re all happy. Anyone got any ideas?
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I have no experience with those fish (awesome fish though!!) but no one has replied so I'll try some suggestions, and if nothing else this should bump it. Personally, I love planted aquariums, and you may have some luck with either anubias, Java ferns, or some cool looking mosses growing on the bogwood. Additionally, you could add some stones, like dragon stone or similar ( I don't know if it would be too rough for the eel, if it is, some smooth river rocks may give it an interesting look), especially if the bogwood is in the middle and the stones either surround it or are clustered in the corners. I hope someone esle can reply with a better answer, and good luck

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