Aquascaping Competition Hosted By Nautilus Tropical Fish

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  1. Kole85 New Member Member

    Hey there everyone,
    Brandon, the store owner of Nautilus Tropical Fish, has teamed up with Ultum Nature Systems to bring us all a really awesome Aquascaping Competition. I don't think there has been an Aquascaping Competition of this Scale planned in Southern California, at least not that I know of. They have rented out a Banquet room at the Long Beach Marriott in anticipation of around 50 competitors.
    Date/Time: June 29th, 9am-3pm
    Location: Long Beach Marriott, 4700 Airport Plaza Dr.
    Long Beach, CA 90815
    Entry Fee: $120-135, Registration starts at $120 for early registration and will increase as the date gets closer ultimately ending at $135 so Register Early!
    Price to Attend: $15-20, discount for purchasing tickets early.
    1st Place Prize (valued at $1,000): UNS 60U Aquarium, Newly Release UNS Aquarium Stand, UNS Light, Filter, and Lily Pipes
    2nd Place Prize: $500 Store Credit at Nautilus
    3rd Place: $250 Store Credit at Nautilus
    More details can be found at  
    This looks like it is going to be an outstanding competition and a whole lot of fun!
  2. Lynn78too Well Known Member Member

    I've been to aquascaping competitions before in Chicago. They are awesome, if you live in the area you should check it out! :)