10 Gallon Tank Aquascaping and stocking idea


Hi All,

I am planning an aquascaped tropical tank for my platy fish, (I already have 2) which will go in a Superfish Home 40.

I've been looking at plants and critters with overlapping requirements. The idea is to go for stuff with simple care requirements and create the best possible environment within the constraints of the tank.

I was thinking:
Temp (C)22-24*
SoilSmall amount of peat soil mixed in
SandBrown Coarse Sand
GravelBlack Aquarium Gravel
Ground CoverJava Moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri)15-29*AnyAny
MidBacopa (Bacopa Caroliniana)12-29*5.5-7.5Med
BackgroundRed Ludwigia (Ludwigia Repens)15-29*5.0-8.02-4w/g
Java Fern (Microsorum Pteropus)15-30*5.0-8.5Med
FloatingFloating Fern (Salvinia natans)12-30*6.0-8.0Med+
Mid/TopPlatty Fish x 4 (all male)20-26*7.0-8.5
BottomGhost Shrimp x3 (all male)18-29*7.0-8.0
Snail(s)Trumpet snail x121-25*7.0-7.5
Ramshorn snail x121-25*7.0-7.5
Gold Inca snail x120-27*7.2-7.5

If anything I'd rather err on the side of understocking than overstocking, but obviously want any social critters to have enough friends to be happy. The various snails in 1's are to prevent breeding, I don't want any babies off anyone at this stage.

Anyone got any thoughts about how this lot would get on? The substrate mix? The plant mix?
The only concern I'd have is that it seems like I might need a cooler as well as a heater for the snails as it can get up to 26-27* in the tank in this weather (30*+ out).


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