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  1. Armando2205 New Member Member

    Hello all,
    This is my first tank
    It has gone pretty well for me, tank is cycled and minimal fish loss after almost 3 months (2 out of 10 cardinal tetras so far, and I've heard they're quite delicate). Current stock:

    -8 cardinal tetras
    -3 platies
    -1 GBR
    -4 amano shrimp

    I'm thinking of rehoming the platies, they breed too much and the fry end up getting eaten anyways and I don't think that's something I want going on in my tank every few weeks. So I'll end up with only the tetras, and possibly get a second GBR.

    With this in mind, I was hoping I'd get some advice on how to aquascape my thank, I am getting a bit bored of how it looks like now, since I have no idea what I'm doing, making things look nice is never been my forte. Any advice??

    What you see in the picture is what I currently can work with:
    1 amazon sword
    3 cardamine lyrata (2 of them are quite big so I could split them up into smaller ones)
    4 moss balls
    1 cave-thing (the one you see in the middle)
    1 big piece of driftwood (not in the tank, but shape is more or less like a horizontal Y, 20 cm length and 10 cm height)
    1 big sized and 2 medium size rocks, 2 of them you see in the corners of the tank right now.
    Around 8 or 9 stems of the long, slim looking plats. Not sure what they are but look a lot like sagittaria subulata.

    I know it might be hard to describe an aquascape with words but I'll be thankful to whoever makes the effort.

    Best regards,

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  2. Abby565 Valued Member Member

    What are the dimensions of the tank?
  3. Armando2205 New Member Member

    43 X 26 X 59.4 CM (16.9 X 10.2 X 23.4 IN)
  4. Abby565 Valued Member Member

    You are doing very well for your first tank! For some reason the picture is not quite loading for me right now so I can't help yet. I'll try again later if you still need help. I'm sure other members will help you soon.
  5. Kyleena696 Valued Member Member

    I think your tank looks really nice! I know you said you want to work with what you have, but I'm not very good at aquascaping myself so my only advice is to add in some floating plants. Something to tie the top in with the bottom more, does that make sense?
    edit: It looks like it just keeps going up and up, so I think doing something on the top would help it look more enclosed and put together.
  6. FishMich Valued Member Member

    Hi there! I believe I have the same tank, is it a 12 gallon Fluval Edge? It looks gorgeous! I’m not an expert, but I would caution against adding another German Blue Ram, I’ve been doing some research on these fish for a 29 gallon tank I’m putting together, and I think they need more space than is offered in this tank.