Aquascaping a 55 gallon for rope fish.

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Hello everyone, I have a 55 gallon community that I recently added an 8 inch rope fish named NessI to. I know they need to be in at least a pair, so I am currently looking for a friend for Nessi. My Lfs is amazing, and they get some really cool stock in, but getting that same cool fish in more than once in a 6 month period is rare. So, that being said I am looking for a website who is located in the Eastern part of the US who ships ropefish. I just don't like shipping fish from the west coast or transcondinentally cause I've never really had luck with it.

Next, I have a few hides for my 2 bn plecos. I want to add more cause they aren't really sharing their caves with Nessi. I want to add an additional cave or two, but my tank is planted so I want it to match the planted natural look. So can anyone recommend some diy caves that'll look good in a planted tank? I'd like to pick your brains for some suggestions. I've done research and have some ideas but I'm not really happy with them or they use cement and I'm not ready for that. I'm open to whatever suggestions you have. Currently I have caves that are buried piping in the sand with Java moss attached to the end so you can't see the pipe, but still fit the gravel vac into it to clean it. I did this cause it was the easiest thing I could think of to make hiding spots without buying fake ones.

Thanks in advance!
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As far as the websites go, you can easily buy from a west coast located online store and be guaranteed arrive alive. You pay what you get, that is you may pay a little bit in shipping but if you care for good health and fast arrival I always buy from The Wetspot. They are great!
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