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    Hello Fishlore friends,

    I've read the sticky about PH, KH, and GH but am still not fully understanding, and if I do understand, maybe I just don't understand my results.

    Note** my tank is still cycling, I'm currently in week 4 waiting for my nitrites to drop.

    USING API Freshwater Master Test Kit + API KH/GH Test Kit

    PH - 7.5
    KH - 4
    GH - 12

    Seems like with my 7.5 PH, the KH seems a little low(which I'm not at all against, as I am shooting for slightly acidic water for my fish, but with the 7.5 PH does this seem normal? PH coming from Tap water is 7.5, I have not had a chance to check KH/GH, but I will tonight. I guess if it's holding steady at this, I should be okay. I do have a few large pieces of driftwood as well as live plants which I'm sure could affect it. My plan is for a South American tank, Neon Tetra, Apisogramma, angels, fish like that if that helps.
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    PH, KH, GH are the parameters of the water and some fish need lower or higher of these parameters if your tank is still cycling the PH, KH, GH "can" still change, adding fish can also change these things. If you are going to get Neon tetras I would get at least a PH of 7 and Angel Fish will eat Neon tetras. I don't know about the Apistogrammas they have big mouths for their size so you will have to do some more reading.