Aquarium upgrade?

  1. sliderdkp Member Member

    I am thinking about upgrading my 5 gal. betta aquarium to a 10 gal. Any comments on 10 gal. aquariums? Can I start the new aquarium with media from the 5 gal.?:;juggle
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If you're only moving the Betta over then just put the current filter into the new tank with him & you're good to go, keep an eye on the water stats just in case you have a mini cycle.

  3. sliderdkp Member Member

    It will be a move from a Fluval Spec 5, to a 10 gal. Will have completely different filter. Thanks so much for the comment!:;toast
  4. cichlidman Well Known Member Member

    yea just take as much of the media as you can